Kazuma lsd goes into Ralph's 2002 Tacoma
(40 low res pics loading)
OCT 9 2008....updated 8-4-2011

Ralph is a Colorado fly fisherman and takes his Taco to some pretty remote places to get to the good spots. Additional traction is sometimes needed so the Kazuma was the natural choice. Shortly thereafter, I received a very heavy tote.

Nice box job!

Both the 3rd and the Kazuma were burrito wrapped together.

This tacoma has 80,000 miles on it. The bearings should be ok to re-use.

It's important to do a preliminary BL check....I measured .008". I measured every other tooth to get a good baseline.

A pattern check is mostly optional so I took one...drive looks good....centered.

Coast looks good....heavy toe.

I noticed very little CBPL as can be expected.

I marked the bearing cap assembly and removed it.

These are the guys responsible for setting the BL and CBPL...I was able to remove it with just my fingers.

Everything is marked. The shims are dremel scribed and recorded as to which side they come from. The carrier bearings are marked so they end up on the correct side of the Kazuma.

The tool of choice for this is the dremel.

The diamond tipped bits really cut nicely even into the hardest of alloy metals.

The factory uses loctite on the 12 ring bolts. The electric impact makes short work of it though.

This is my all-time favorite carrier bearing puller....a must-have item.
OTC 4520 puller

This aftermarket unit is pre-tensioned to 400 ft-lbs as opposed to the 200 ft-lb pre-tension units the factory installs in the production line Toyotas. Also, this one has 3 forged spider gears..... the factory version has only two. Ralph purchased this unit for a very reasonable $279 from newtoyotaparts.com. Although the description shows it for the 2000~2002 Tundra it will also fit the 1995.5 Taco rears (non-TRD) and newer with the girdle brace over the carrier bearings.
Here's some interesting info also.... proactivate.com


Excellent machining and tolerances.

Without a ring gear in the way, I was able to check the PPL(pinion pre-load) and there wasn't any. It wasn't wobbly in the least but it was also not tight by any standard.

For 6 years this pinion nut has never been disturbed...and I am about to.

Anybody attempting to do a Kazuma swap like this does not generally have to mess with the pinion end but I saw an opportunity to improve the PPL with minimal effort and make for a better overall install.

The nut was removed, cleaned, coated with Loctite, and re-installed. It was then tightened to the same notch as before plus a little more. Considerable effort was required because these crush sleeves are tough ones.

Now I can actually measure some pre-load...about 3.5 inch/pounds. The effect of doing this decreases the pinion depth by less than .001" which is negligable.

The notch is tighter by about 1/4" linear distance. Now to re-ding the slot and the pinion end is done.

Carrier bearings are now tapped onto the Kazuma.

I'm going to do a run-out check so the ring gear has been left off here. The original washer plates tapped in easily. Once they were in place, I discovered that I could remove them just as easy as before with just a finger.

Run-out was a mere .0005" or so....very nice.

Loctite and the ring is bolted in place.

93 ft/lb is the recommended torque spec.

As I mentioned earlier, I can remove and install this washer plate with just finger power. I can still do an accurate BL check at this point.

Amazingly, it's measuring at the same .008" as before the swap. This indicates that the Kazuma case is machined very accurately to match the factory case dimensionally. But it also matched the same exact lack of CBPL and that's where the thicker washer plates come in to play.

I chose to add .005" to both sides. That has the effect of increasing the CBPL while keeping the BL constant. This is why it's also important to have a good selection of the factory washer plates. In the pic above, I used a curved chisel to get the tight fitting shim in place without any damage to the shim. Below is a list of all the possible shims...they vary in price from 4 to 8 dollars depending if you get them wholesale. ..

mm inches Taco PN
2.58 .1016 90201-70064
2.60 .1024 90201-70065
2.62 .1031 90201-70066
2.64 .1039 90201-70067
2.66 .1047 90201-70068
2.68 .1055 90201-70069
2.70 .1063 90201-70070
2.72 .1071 90201-70071
2.74 .1079 90201-70072
2.76 .1087 90201-70073
2.78 .1094 90201-70074
2.80 .1102 90201-70075
2.82 .1110 90201-70076
2.84 .1118 90201-70077
2.86 .1126 90201-70078
2.88 .1134 90201-70079
2.90 .1142 90201-70080
2.92 .1150 90201-70081
2.94 .1157 90201-70082
2.96 .1165 90201-70083
2.98 .1173 90201-70084
3.00 .1181 90201-70085
3.02 .1189 90201-70086
3.04 .1197 90201-70087
3.06 .1205 90201-70088
3.08 .1213 90201-70089
3.10 .1220 90201-70090
3.12 .1228 90201-70091
3.14 .1236 90201-70092
3.16 .1244 90201-70093
3.18 .1252 90201-70094
3.20 .1260 90201-70095
3.22 .1268 90201-70096
3.24 .1276 90201-70097
3.26 .1283 90201-70098
3.28 .1291 90201-70099
3.30 .1299 90201-70100
3.32 .1307 90201-70101
3.34 .1315 90201-70102
3.36 .1323 90201-70103
3.38 .1331 90201-70104
3.40 .1339 90201-70105
3.42 .1346 90201-70106
3.44 .1354 90201-70107
3.46 .1362 90201-70108
3.48 .1370 90201-70109

After the new thicker shims were in place and the bearing cap bolted in place, one more BL check verified it was still .008".

Pattern checks looked good, also.


The 4 bolts are torqued to 83 ft/lb.

Data is scribed in...