Supra LSD into V6 truck 3rd
22 small pics loading......
text updated/corrected 3-18-2005 due to mental mix-up
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Stace brought over two V6 truck diffs that had the
factory 4.88 gears in them. The plan was to swap
the carrier/LSD from the Supra 3rd into the pick-up
V6 the 488 gears, of course. Also,
to install a Lockrite into the other V6 truck 3rd
to be used in the front-end application. By the
way, swapping the LSD into the V6 3rd was not brain
surgery. No machining of any kind was needed. The
trick was to leave the Supra FAT bearing on the
ring gear side....and re-use one of the thinner
pick-up carrier bearing/race on the other side.

The painted pattern looked pretty good for a used
gear-set. Checking the pattern was not mandatory though.

Backlash was measured at .012" before disassembly
and that value would be used on the swap-over.

Time to pop the LSD out of the Supra
center section.

One Supra LSD ready for the 4.88 ring-gear.
Re-use the same bearing/race on the ring gear
side and place one of the thinner truck
bearing/races on the non-ring side.

SUPRA LSD rebuild kits available here....

Pinion pre-load was measured and was ok at
2 in/pounds. Had the factory stake in the pinion
nut and all was good. No reason to mess with
the pinion side at all.

When the cases were stood up against each other,
about .240" was noted between the ring-gear
mounting surfaces. Which turns out to be a
"so what?" thing but still interesting.

A good habit to get into with gear installs.....

Stace cranks 70 ft/lbs. on those babies.

Here's the amount of thread available
on the ring-gear side........

Here's the other side which was reported
to be a possible issue but not a problem as
long as the pick-up thinner bearing/race is
pressed on this side.

Left is truck(desired)......right side is SUPRA.

Stace putting the final touches on.....
We re-set the backlash with .012" so that
the ring-gear meshes exactly the same as
before. Add some pre-load to these used

Carrier bearing adjuster on the ring-gear side....
100% thread engagement and then some.

Other side.....more than enough engagement.
All done at this point and this 3rd is ready
to go in the rear-end.

Ok. This is the other V6 3rd and requires
only installing the LockRite locker. This went
very smoothly. The 8 case bolts were removed
with the electric impact.

Case came right apart....Remove the 4
spiders. The cross and the side-gears get re-used.

Just place the driver-gear and spacer
washer over the sidegear.....then put the
cross on top.....load the 4 pins
and 8 little springs......

then flop the 2 pieces back together and
install/tighten the 8 bolts to about 45 ft/lbs.

Then drop the case back into the 3rd
member, set the backlash, verify carrier pre-load,
and tighen the bearing caps to 70 ft/lbs
as Stace is doing here. I think the Lockrite
took us about an hour....that's with bs'ing, too.

Follow-up Note:: A couple of days later, these were Staces'
impressions of the gear change/LSD performance.....

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on 04/05/04 12:25 PM

........85 4Runner, 4Cyl open 4:10 diffs, (33" tires).
Purchased 2 factory V6, 4:88 diffs (used). Both
Diffs received ZUK's blessing, Supra LSD in rear,
Lock-Right in front. This is a whole new truck.
Forget all engine mods with oversized tires, save
the cash and regear! This 22RE on the highway is
ssooooooo much better than the 4:10's were. LSD
in the rear feels "invisible". Lock Right in front
feels wild in the dirt and sand, but this truck
grabs! Just passing along, I've been wanting gears
for 18 months, and I'm happy. Stace

...This just in, another thing. I can use CRUISE again!
Been awhile, but a nice option none-the-less! Stace

............Yes sir. ZUK's site, LSD install on
the top of the list. ZUK is a pretty cool dude, and
knows his stuff, and lotsa "sperience". No grinding
of the housing required for my '85. Diff slipped right
in. I took a small amount off of the passenger axle
shaft, but afterwards wondered if I really needed to.
I know aftermarket LSD run upwards and over $350.00.
The supra diff assy. I picked up for $100.00. AND
afterall, it's an LSD by Toyota, from a 6cyl Turbo Supra.
It's gotta be strong, and it's gotta be good, right?
Later Stace