Eric's Front 1997 FZJ80 reverse cut 8" 488 gear install
(27 low res pics loading)
MAY 2 2008

Eric had the ring/pinion and master kit sent directly to me.

The first step is to remove the case from the E-Locker carrier.

Remove the old carrier bearings...

Remove the ring bolts and the ring gear...

File the 2 surfaces down to verify no burrs or high spots and all was good.

The new ring gear is installed....Loctite and 75 ft/lbs of torque.

The new carrier bearings are pressed on at this point...I also just happen to notice that the ring was stamped with a "456" ratio. Not good as this is a 488 install :( The Precision box that it came in did say 488 but the ring says 456.... Mis-boxed, just my luck. I was just glad I caught it before I got too far into the set up.

A quick call and the correct gears were soon at my shop.

Markings on the pinion...

These gears came in a white box that said "Made in Korea"....I'm not sure if that's necessarily a bad thing. The quality seemed to be there. The cut and finish seemed very good. These are the stamped markings found on the ring...Does the "K" mean Korea?


The new ring went on tight.

Now to tear down the pinion end...

The .0795" shim is pressed on with the new bearing.

Beautiful pattern.


I now have to tear it down to install the crush and new seal...

A couple of shots of the pattern painted on the pinion teeth themselves.

Good patterns.

The new crush is loaded onto the pinion....looks like a normal crush sleeve. It should crush fairly easy.

The pinion nut supplied with the master kit was the "jam nut" style which I see no problem with. I used red Loctite on the offers some lubrication I think and when it sets up, it's not likely to loosen up on it's own accord.

Wow...this crush sleeve was not crushing easy. I damaged the fairly soft bolts that have lasted me so long on my jig. No problem...I replaced the bent softies with grade 8...that problem solved.

...then the 1/2" drive sheared in 2.

I easily fixed that....and now it's stronger than ever! :)

With the pinion pre-load taken care of now it's time to set BL and dial in a strong CBPL at the same time.

The ring is inscribed with the specs....

Done. ZUK