Mike's front 8" high pinion Harrop install for his 97 TLC
(61 BIG pics loading)
NOV 25 2017

This just arrived from the Ebay seller. Apparently, this 3rd came out of a 96.

I'm trying to cut open the dual boxes....and Cola has to see what's happening..

Nice double boxing with good padding inside the box.

This 3rd will be easy to clean up.

This #9334 Harrop elocker will be installed.

The 410 gears visually appeared aok.....but the pre-paint check tells us if the gears were wearing "out of place" which would means noisy gears.
This is the drive side and I'm very pleased with this pattern.

Coast and looks wonderful. These gears can go another 500,000 miles if the 85W-140 gear oil is kept clean ;)
Mike-If you're reading this... switch the inner axle seals to the MarlinCrawler "eco" version....
It will keep the gear oil on this side and the grease on the other side.

Backlash check.....measuring in spec.

So the original open carrier was discarded and the 410 ring/elocker are now checked for any burrs or ridges. All was great.

Ring gear is tapped down with the help of the lead filled plastic hammer. Sometimes, patience really is the key.

The last 50ml bottle of blue Loctite lasted 6 months on the bench.....upgrading now to the Bigboy 250ml and see if it will last 2.5 years.

70+ ft/lb per the fsm.

The new carrier bearings are tapped on. Anybody guess at what Jet Li movie that is? One hint.....collar.

This portion is complete.

Now on to the pinion end of things.

New koyo inner bearing will be used with the original .047" pinion shim.

The 12ton Harborfreight press is perfect for gear installs. Never in 16 years have I needed anything else.
On sale at Harborfreight for $99 right at this moment.

The empty 3rd is cleaned up and now the outer race can go in.


It was a good tight fit in the bore.

The larger inner race takes more patience.

But once it is started evenly then it will go smoothly after that.

100% seated....no stress points from using a soft chisel either.

All 3 items are ready. Put the pinion in and tighten the nut just enough to offer some resistance.

Mount the Harrop elocker....I have a little bit of interference with the stop tab.

Adjust the stop-tabs a little.

It's not the full 2mm of freeplay but good enough for the paint check.

A little bit of bearing pre-load and a backlash adjustment.....

And it's no surprise that the drive side looks about the same as it did with the old bearings.


To increase the freeplay, I will smooth the edges and probably hit the sides of the bearing cap with a file.

Same with the other side.

Might as well drill the .453" hole

Mark the approximate spot with a big sharpie....

The hole is drilled.


Crush sleeve time now.

Marlin seal is one of the best guarantees against leaks.

The original flange has been wire brushed, cleaned, and sanded with #1500 extra-fine paper. A light coating of gear oil has also been applied.

A nice, smooth 11 of pinion preload has been accurately measured.


Slide the bearing cap in horizontally....then thread the 2 bolts.

Threads for the adjusting wheel are perfectly lined up so now the cap bolts can be tightened properly.

Bingo....the adjuster wheel threads very nicely into the bearing cap.

I have my 2mm of freeplay now I note.

Verifying the 4 bolts are all torqued to 70 ft/lb.

Plenty of preload on the carrier bearings(8 in/lb) and the backlash is "spot on"(.0055" minimum).

Ring gear is inscribed.

Now to check the elocker operation.

Ohms measured at 3.8.

Then 12 volts is applied.....

....to the 2 wires in the lower right and the order does not make any difference....they have no polarity.
Ring gear is then turned and the 3 steel pins get pushed into the case.

Then release the 12 volts and the steel pins pop out instantly.

The hi-pinion elocker really takes nicely to a coat of black.


A snapshot of the notes.

Packing the 3rd with the harness.


Here it comes, Mike.