Nick's 1995 4Runner with factory 488 gears gets a rear 913A610 Truetrac
(35 BIG pics loading)
DEC 5 2017

Nick's 1995 4Runner....he bought it way back in '04.

He did a 3.4L V6 engine swap(from a 98 Runner) into it.
Swapped in a manual tranny from a 93 Runner.
Harness/ECM from a 99 Taco.

Nick sent his open V6 488 diff to me from southern California. A good job overall of packing and securing it.

The Truetrac and the Nitro master kit will be installed.

Pattern check on the used side looks ok.

Coast is ok.

Parts are organized. The ring gear is first transferred over to the TT....

70 ft/lb and blue Loctite.

Then the carrier bearings are tapped on.

The factory stake mark has been undisturbed since 1995.

Remove flange...

A noticable groove from 22 years of use. It's of little concern because a Marlin "eco" seal will remedy it....
the seal on it is roughly .241" lower than this groove here so the Marlin lip is seeing "fresh flange".

Sometimes the older pinions just fall out by themselves but not this one.....needed a little coaxing.

Tap tap and the old seal is free.

Now was a good time to properly clean the outside and inside of the bare 3rd.

Looks good....even the gasket surface saw the high speed wire wheel.

Normally, the bore bore hole is about .350" under the imaginary surface shown here. And, as shown, it's dead even with the metal ruler.
And this is exactly why aftermarket gears do not work in these "unique" 3rds with offset pinion holes.
So, once these 488 factory gears bust then might as well throw the whole 3rd in the dumpster
because no aftermarket gears will set up in it.

Old bearing is pressed off.

The oem .075" pinion shim will be used on the new V6 pinion bearing.

New inner race is tapped in.

The smaller outer race is even easier to install.

Bada Bing Bada Boom.

Probably a good idea to run a paint check with the new pinion bearings even though we know it will paint the same and likely paint better.
The shop flange is installed and tighten the nut until about 10 in/lb of preload is measured.

Truetrac is mounted up.

Tighten adjuster wheels and set it for about .006" of backlash.

Drive.....nice. (deeper better look than the preliminary paint check)

Coast....nice. (deeper better look than the preliminary paint check)

Nick's install will see an upgraded solid collar instead of the usual crush sleeve.

The collar and the shim usually total up to 1.865" with new Koyo bearings and this one was just like that. Nailed it on the first try.

The Marlin seal is oiled up....

...and tapped in place.....followed by the original flange.

My CDI torque meter is capable of accurate measurements....a nice, smooth 10 in/lb here.

This is the final time for putting the Truetrac in....tighten the 4 bolts to 70 ft/lb.

Paying extra attention to setting the backlash and making sure the carrier bearing preload meets the spec.

Basic info is engraved.

A snapshot of my assembly notes.