Harrop Rear 9.5" Install For Ralph's 2009 Landcruiser 200 Series
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MAR 29 2017

Ralph has a clean looking '09 TLC.

150,000 miles with factory 3.90 gears.

Received this particular Harrop model directly from Australia.

A box in a box.

Box in a box in a box.

Model 9574 elocker.


A short time later this arrived from Ralph. The diff itself is amazingly heavy for a stocker....83.6 pounds just for the diff.


Before the partial teardown the backlash is recorded from every 3rd tooth.

Bearing preloads are noted.

Not required but the teeth are painted. Drive side looks good.

Coast side looks very nice.

Drive side on the reverse painted teeth.

Coast on the reverse painted teeth.

Now down to business...mark 1 bearing cap and then remove both caps.

With the diff case out now I can get a clean measurement on just the pinion bearing preload....right at 5 in/lb which is
very good for 150,000 miles on it.


The original plan was to swap the ring gear over to the Harrop and possibly re-use the "old" carrier bearings.

The original bearings are removed. The wear and tear from 150,000 miles can even be seen in the above pic.


The Makita 6905H electric impact makes quick work of removing the 12 ring gear bolts.

Ring gear is tapped off.

Some streaks in the rollers.

Race has seen better days.


Ralph was in complete agreement about using new Koyo carrier beariings.


The ring was a tight fit....no problem for the 12 ton press....probably less than 1 ton of actual pressure.

Blue Loctite and 85 ft/lb on all 12 bolts.

Carrier bearings are tapped on.

Nothing needs to be done to the pinion end of things. It still has 5 in/lb of preload and it still turns very smoothly
as I'm doing in the photo.

Before the Harrop is mounted the .453" hole has to be drilled in this area.


Harrop is placed in the diff carrier....

The anti-rotation bracket supplied with the Harrop has to be jiggled in place as shown. Ever so light taps to move
the bearing cap around.

Thread the wheel adjuster in place.

Check the freeplay of the tabs. I had to make some adjustments and the final freeplay checked in at .090" which is just over 2mm.

These bearing cap bolts were tightened to 83 ft/lb.

The adjustment wheels are carefully tightened to duplicate the tight backlash that was originally there.

Total preload(carrier plus pinion) measured 12 in/lb.

10 in/lb with blue loctite.

Re-checking the paint pattern.....drive side good.

Coast good.

RTV was applied to the grommet....allows it to pass thru much easier and seal insurance.



This is all the wiring harness materials.

The plug that goes to the rear Harrop to the 2 wires.

The dash mounted rocker switch that Harrop supplies....works ok but there is an upgraded switch option. See next small pic.

This is the optional upgraded switch offered by Yotalockers.com.

A snapshot of the Application Guide.... Page 1

Page 2 of the Toyota application page.

The wire harness lay-out.

Final checks. Resistance check..... 4.0 ohms

It's called an analog meter....a collector's item.

And now checking the current draw (3.1 amps).

The 12volts is still applied....the electro-magnetic ring is locking down the ramp ring. I'm turning the pinion which means the
Harrop case is turning so the 3 pins(1 is seen) are now forced to retract into the holes. Unseen, inside the Harrop case the
3 pins are pushing a ring that locks the case to the sidegear.

Remove the 12 volts and the pins instant snap back by themselves to where you see here.

The dremel tool with diamond tip makes engraving info very easy and quick.

Sometimes, it's nice to know what your diff specs were and when.

The heavy diff still has adequate room in the small size 16x12x12 double corrugated Home Depot boxes.

What you don't see is the steel lip in the center of the diff is not contacting the bottom of the box. A rolled up chunk of
cardboard is supporting it on the bottom. Prevents slice-thru of the lip.

Ready to go back to Colorado.