Cryo Motive 488 in an E-Locker
(23 low res pics loading)
JULY 7 2007

Josh, out of Colorado, is having too much fun with his 2004 Tacoma 4x4. He's running 35" tires and has already had someone install the 488/ARB combo in the front IFS. I will be setting up the supplied rear E-Locker with a Cryo treated high quality MOTIVE 488.

10.9 ring gear bolts, seal, collar, nut, cryo bearings, and cryo Motive 488's.

The E-Locker supplied had a busted ring gear. I noted ZERO CBPL so, most likely, the ring deflected under high load and KABOOM.

Off with the carrier bearings and the ring gear...

The new cryo bearings are pressed on at the same time.

Loctite on the 10.9 bolts...I seem to be using alot of the Loctite lately so I bought the BIG 250 ml size. Just barely over a cup here and costing over $100.....that would be $1600 per gallon!

.216 for the first pinion shim selection. Cryo inner and outer bearings, of course. I am so glad that I am now cryo'ing the bearings in all of my master kits. It just makes so much sense. They become much more 'durable' and surface roughness decreases resulting in about 200% greater life and less generated heat.

I chose to load the pinion up with no solid collar the first go around. By carefully tightening the pinion nut, the 15 inch/pounds of pre-load can be easily generated.

Nice pattern but perhaps 3 more thou in pinion depth and it will be spot on.



If I was to use a hammer to beat the pinion out I might chinger the top threads and leave some dent marks in the outer race. A small press like mine is a must have.

Heavy grease on the compression spring keeps it from popping off when I tap the seal on with a hammer.

A little rtv on the outer metal circumference and gear oil on the inner rubber lip....

I can 'control' the pinion pre-load sometimes by how tight I crank the pinion nut on. With the nut tight, I measured about 10 in/lb....but by using a 3 foot cheater bar, I managed to rotate the pinion nut an additional 45 degrees...pinion pre-load increased another 7 in/lb. Perfect...17 in/lb less about 2 in/lb of seal drag equals a net 15 in/lb of PPL.

Camera went a little fuzzy but the load bearing looks nice.


It can take 20 minutes sometimes getting the backlash/CBPL just right. The last adjustment I make is to the ring gear side bearing adjuster(the side shown in the pic) ...this is the side that sees the real torque so I make sure it is 'tensioned' from that side and surely not the other side.

75 ft/lbs on the ring gear and bearing cap bolts...a soft 10 ft/lbs on the lock tabs...actually 10 ft/lbs with a little extra nudge ;)

Date coded.

The E-Locker dropped right into the genuine Toyota box. Just a matter of stuffing some packing materials all around to lock the nose cone in place.


Ready for the trip to Fedex...72.6 pounds :)