Harrop/Eaton installation tricks
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FEB 4 2022

Thank you Brad H. from Australia for helping me with this link.
So you follow the instructions and verify that the stop tabs are hugging the sides of the bearing caps
with only ~2mm of up/down movement and you think all is good. Then you open it up 1 year later
and see bent/flared-out tabs that now are slopping around with 30mm of freeplay.
And maybe the TIG welded stop tabs have broken off the magnetic ring.

The ideal solution would be for Eaton to supply a bracket that captures the stop tabs. Don't hold your breath
but this grinding method is very effective too. Simply use an angle grinder with a cutting wheel to make a notch in
the side of the bearing caps. This mostly applies only to the 8" differentials(Landcruiser fronts and pick-up rears)
as they do not come with "retainer brackets" like the 9.5" diffs do.

Only thing left to do is tap the tabs in so that they are fully under the umbrella of the notches.

The tool of choice for the notching is a 4.5" angle grinder with a 1/16" cutting wheel.

The Landcruiser 9.5" and Tundra 10.5" diffs use a retainer bracket that eliminates the slop/broken tab problem

Another "mis-print" found in the manual......

.....In the back of the pamphlet, it says to drill a 1/2" hole.
In real life, that would mean that the 1/2" diameter grommet would easily fall out.
Experience has shown that drilling a .461~.465" hole works best.
Applying an RTV to the grommet will allow you to push it thru with minimal cuss words.