My 1995 Landcruiser's rear 3rd has a loud whine
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JAN 27 2008

Chris has a 1995 FZJ80 with 176,000 miles. It has had a screaming whine from the rear 3rd since he bought was very loud on both acceleration and de-acceleration. Upon dis-assembly, I noticed the pinion bearings were badly pitted. The 488 ring and pinion looks to be re-usable. The master kit, shown above, will bring peace and quiet to Chris's future road trips.

This 3rd also has an old style RD33 ARB. It seemed like a good idea to replace the o-rings and the clamping plate. A call to the ARB techline and 4 days later had this manilla envelope at my doorstep.

New pinion races are tapped in.

edit---Best to stay away from all punches/chisels... use an old race to evenly "pat down" the new race. Using a punch could result in "oscillating" pinion preload measurements with the torque wrench. 1-8-2011 ZUK

Old carrier bearings come off with ease with the right puller.

These are the "adapter bearings" being pressed on. This ARB case has the larger 50mm journals... which is no issue with Timken 32010X bearings. That's a 9.5" ring gear :)

The worn inner pinion bearing is pressed off.

The factory .053" shim will set the correct pinion depth.


The crush sleeve will be installed immediately since pinion depth is not a question.

Lots of gear oil on both pinion bearings.

A thick grease is packed on the inside of the seal to prevent the spring from popping off during install.

A jam nut was supplied with this master install kit. The nut had 3 dents on the top threads to cause thread interference which will prevent the nut from working its way loose. I used lots of silver anti-seize on the threads which helped greatly in crushing the sleeve.

I choose to run the PPL (pinion pre-load) up to the upper spec of 17 in/lb.

Lots of gear oil and the new o-rings are installed.

This is the old clamping plate which is why I ordered a new straight one. This happens when the 3 tiny allen screws are tightened up with too much zest.

The new clamping plate with 3 tapped holes is loosely captured behind the carrier bearing adjuster wheel.

This painted pattern looks very similar to the preliminary pattern before it was dis-assembled.


Backlash was set to .0075".

Carrier bearing adjusters are evenly tightened while monitoring the backlash. Many hammer hits later, everything is looking good.

The seal housing is carefully aligned and pushed on.

With no tension coming from the hard copper line, the 3 allen screws are carefully cross-tightened to a mere 3.5 ft/lb per ARB's tech notes. There will be no potential leaks if the o-rings are actually self-centering the seal housing... and the Loctited screws are snugged evenly to lock the housing in place.

With my air hose assembly pumped up to 80 psi, no loss of pressure was observed even after a 30 minute period.

Bullseye has a nice cushy blanket on the top shelf he uses to watch me from. :)

10 ft/lbs and loctite on the tab bolts. The 4 bearings cap bolts see 81 ft/lb per the FSM.

One last look at the routing of the copper line.

The symbol on the left means its Motive...and it's a 488 ratio for a Landcruiser.

Manufacturered in 10/98....this 488 Motive was likely installed in about mid 1999 along with the ARB RD33.

Some notes that I like to inscribe on the ring...

...and specs used. Done.