14" x 125 coils for cman1's 89 Runner
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MAR 31 2011

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Below is a copy/paste of cman1's Yotatech thread.

3-17-2011-----first of all, thanx everyone for the info!!!! i ended up going with the 125lb 14" springs. got the whole thing in in 3 hours including installation of the new bumpstops. this was easier than replaceing my freakin antenna !!!! the only reason i didntn go with the tj springs is because i was leary of creaking after time and tire clearance . its my DD and weekend warrior soooooo...im probably going to do a small bj spacer to even it out some. any suggestions on what size, i was thinkin the 1.5 would work?

3-30-2011----O.K ZUK, i was waiting until i could get some descent pics to post. To start out with , the springs were sitting flat on the overloads and my bumpstops were missing!!, made a nice racket when you hit a big bump, basically frame on frame. sooooo, jacked up the truck to put jack stands under the rear end and took off the wheels, then put the jack under the hitch and raised the rear of the truck enough to take the weight off, then used a bottle jack in between the leaf spring and the frame and spread it apart enough to be able set the coil spring (125# 14")on my lower bump stop and from the inside of the frame, i used a long huge screwdriver to pop the spring into the purch that i made out of the upper bracket. when you cut it short the spring really fits great. i actually EASILY popped it in with a hammer. i also did about two turns on my TBs.

Ive been driving it for about two weeks now and am amazed at what a difference. Im debating on weather to even bother with the BJ spacers?! heres a couple pics of the springs

Again ,thanx guys!!!!!

Im gonna get rid of the AALs (new in box) so if anyone is interested,PM me!!