Rebuilt 488 3rd for Chris
(15 low res pics loading)
DEC 15 2005

Chris Willis from the state of Washington couldn't have any downtime with his situation so I happened to have an extra 4 cylinder 3rd (core) laying around and I offered to set it up and ship it out. The plan was to do a pro install with Yukon 488 gears with new bearings and a solid collar, of course.

I ordered these Yukon gears from PORC. Some things are not shown here....but all the right stuff is going in this 3rd :)

I like working on clean surfaces. It took 1 full can of starting fluid to get there...I think I need a real parts cleaner vat :)

The old bearings came off basically with just hand pressure. After using #800 sandpaper and more cleaning, I applied this special bearing sleeve lock compound. God help the person that ever has to remove these bearings in the distant future.

Notice the cosmetic damage on this case. This happened because a crush sleeve was used and it loosened with time allowing the pinion teeth to eventually touch the case. The solid collar shown will prevent this from occurring again.

For my starter pinion shim, I will re-use the factory .082 shim and add .010 in for good measure...

I don't have to but I will also install the collar at this point. I started with .066" for this shim.

In the end, .070" got me a nice 10 in/lb.

Anti-seize on the threads allows me to truly get some torque on the carrier bearings.

With the carrier bearings set tight and the backlash in the .007" area, this is the drive side pattern. Depth is very good.


These particular Yukon gears seem to have the quality and set up well. These have the "304" on the ring. I believe these gears come out of Ambrose, Italy but not 100% sure.

I usually put a solid 75 ft/lbs on the 4 bearing cap bolts. The 2 smaller 12mm bolts that hold the tab in place usually see blue loctite.

The pinion nut gets splashed with blue Loctite and tightened to the max with the electric impact.... then I secure the flange and do the final tightening with the 4 foot bar. I get about an 1/8 of a turn more with the bar. And Yes, that does have an effect on PPL and I take that into consideration when I am setting final PPL.

I find that just right box and stuff more cardboard inside and add a little foam to prepare this diff for the trip back. I shipped it Fedex (my fav) and actual weight was just under 53 pounds. I emailed CW and recommended he use synthetic for the break-in period. It will run cooler and the bearings will love you for it. An extra little hint here from the voice of experience.....replace the 2 inner axle seals at the same time. The synthetic will find its way past old seals and leak onto your tires. The left side seal is most likely to leak. :) New seals are only 5 bucks each. All Done!!!

EDIT--....1-8-2011....Bad idea to ship with that styrofoam in makes a terrible mess by the time it gets to its destination ;)