571 US GEAR install
(9 low res pics loading)
JUNE 7 2004

This 571 3rd is going into my recently 
acquired 1987 Runner 22RE/auto with 33"
tires. Here, I'm using an old 3rd with
new carrier bearings and good re-used 
pinion bearings.

The first step was to decide on the pinion 
shim..... .102" was chosen. Then set-up the 
Marlin machined solid collar with the correct
amount of shim. 052 then 048 then 044 and
finally had the right pre-load with
 .042" (5~10 in/lb). 

Loading the 571 ring gear onto the Detroit
Soft Locker obtained from Randys. As
usual, blue loctite and 70 ft/lbs. 

Drive side painted pattern.....
shallow and favoring the heel(outside).

Press the pinion bearing off and load up with
a thicker shim. Here, I'm spinning the race 
to make sure the dishes on the bearing separator
are not contacting. I have not damaged one YET. 

The camera didn't snap the pic right but 
this photo shows that the drive side pattern
is of the proper depth using a .108" shim.
I set the backlash at about .008" and tight
carrier bearing pre-load. Even 571 gears can
last forever....maybe even longer....
IF my rules are followed.....

1-Hi-Quality gears

2-solid collar 

3-good pinion pre-load 

4-good carrier bearing pre-load

This is my "crank handle"....2 bolts 
basically welded onto a piece of scrap tubing.

Same crank handle being used to secure the
yoke while doing the final calibrated nudge
on the pinion nut. Blue loctite used here
also....staking is not necessary. 

One 571 chunk ready to go into the Runner.
430 gears are presently in the axles so the 
combination of 33" tires and a deep automatic
overdrive allow the Runner/571 combo to 
handle both the highway and trails. This is
an auto....so the chain driven transfer case
limits the gearing options.