8" E-locker from 2005 Tacoma Chunked the Ring Gear.
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MAY 31 2016

Aaron has a 2005 Tacoma with rear 8" e-locker and enjoys the hot Arizona "trails"......

....and doesn't mind a little cold mud during the winter.

This is what he did recently.....this one gets the "most damaged ring-gear" award.

He was out wheelin' at Butcher Jones near the Sahuaro Lake East of Phoenix.

Locker case half is trashed.





Aaron also brought over a donor e-locker to use.

The plan is to use a known good used set of 3.73 gears(shown in the background) and examine
the bearings to see if they are re-usable.

Diff teardown has begun. Pressing the pinion out.

The outer pinion bearing and race are pitted. A new one will replace it.

Easy way to get the race out without even a scratch in the oil retainer is to use a washer
cut in half and a plastic cap.

Press it out....

This time the oil seal fell out with the race.

A new KOYO oem bearing will be used. Oil retainer shown in the background.

Close up of the outer pinion race.....mucho pitting.

Old race on left and new on right.

Run-out was checked with a dial indicator and was ok at .003". This is something that should
always be done when broken teeth were involved beforehand.

A good, snug fit but the plasic hammer made it all happen. Boiling water not needed.

Red loctite and 70 ft/lbs.

The oem .079" shim is re-used along with the used bearing.

Pattern check so the new crush sleeve is left out for now.

Caps are then bolted down....backlash set....bearing preload somewhat....


Coast. Favors toe end.

Driveside on the reverse painted teeth. Looks better.

Coast on the reverse painted teeth.

Driveside on the pinion teeth.

With the pinion depth now verified, The new crush sleeve can now be installed.
This is a trick I learned from JT's.... Some aftermarket crush sleeves take
a tremendous amount of torque even with aluminum anti-seize. Even a new
nut can receive alot of thread damage. The trick is to use the 12 or 20 ton
press to crush until 95% of the slop disappears. Then remove it from the
press and tighten the nut the last 1/4~1/2 turn until the target preload
is reached. Much less damage to the threads this way.

The crush sleeve has just been crushed 98% of the way and now is the last chance to add
some gear oil to both pinion bearings.

Oil sling and new rubberized 29 spline seal are in place. Anti-seize shown on the threads.

10 inch/pounds noted with the large used inner bearing and small new outer bearing.
DING! the pinion nut and done with this side.

The 4 bearing cap bolts are now final tightened to 70 ft/lb.

Backlash is dialed in as well as the carrier bearing pre-load.

Satisfied with the readings now the lock-tabs go in....10 ft/lb.

Total pre-load is 17....pinion preload is 10 so that means the Carrier Bearing Pre-Load is 7 in/lb.

Drive side.

Coast side.

Notes taken.

Ring gear data.