Removing the 8" E-Locker motor for mailing reasons
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APRIL 20 2014

Some of the 8" 3rds pop out of the axle housing hole even if the actuators are left in the UNLOCKED position. But, in the case of the Landcruiser 9.5", be sure to LOCK the 3rd because they do not come out of the hole due to locking fork interference. Forcing it out will possibly bend the fork.....seen it happen.
Before attempting to remove the 8" e-locker 3rd member from the axle housing, place tranny in LOW range, ignition on, push the locker button on the dash and get it in "LOCKED" mode. That slides the locking fork all the way in as shown above which allows room to slide the 3rd out of the housing. And disconnect the elocker harness so it does not try to unlock later.

With the 3rd out, use a 12mm wrench to remove this one bolt.

It's aluminum so very lightly tap out the assembly. It may be a little rusted in place so use caution where it's clobbered with the hammer.

Set the motor assembly in a safe place.

The "lock" sensor has a plastic connector. Best to remove it. It's not on very tight so a 27mm socket will take it off easy...especially if you attach the socket to an electric impact wrench :)

Removing the bulky E-Locker motor from the 9.5" rear 3rd

The large bulky 9.5" e-motor assembly can be removed with 8 small bolts and some love taps.

Remove these 3 small bolts.


On mine, this little 10mm unscrewed with thread resistance....probably the loctite they used. Just remove the bolt and set it aside.

Remove the 4 bolts that hold the e-motor assembly on....2 on this side.....

....and 2 on this other side. They might be on tight and give an audible SNAP when they break loose. Use a good closed-end wrench on these flange style bolts.

Then lightly tap the motor off. The assembly might be semi-rusted on but some tap taps with a brass drift should coax it off. Done.