Harrop e-locker for Gilbert's 1994 FZJ80 Rear-end
(63 BIG pics loading)
MAY 26 2016

Rear '94 3rd....Harrop....pinion bearing kit.....solid collar.

Koyo carrier bearings are already included in the box.

Contact Ward Harris (National importer/authorized dealer for Harrop) at 1-800-224-7801
or email info@cruiserbrothers.com

The pinion pre-load was all but gone. These bearings have some miles on them. Not so loose that
it wobbles around but it was definitely ready for new ones.

Same with carrier bearings.

A quick paint test.....

...reveals that the drive pattern is ok. Looks shallow right here but that will change
with a fresh inner pinion bearing.

Coast side sees far less use and, as expected, the pattern looks excellent.

Drive side of pinion tooth.....good.

The Nitro pinion bearing kit


Koyo carrier bearings.....32010 part number. As mentioned earlier, these can be tossed in the Harrop
box for about 50ish per pair(at the time of this writing).

Well machined.

A quick test of the electro-mechanism......without 12v, the grey piece spins easily.

With 12 volts, there is a very soft thud noise and it feels like a strong magnet coupling to the ring below it.

Backlash was checked and it was around .008"

All I need to remove is the ring gear from the open carrier.

A glance over to the pinion paint shows it's looking good, too.

Ring gear is removed and almost ready to mount to the Harrop.

Surfaces felt good using a file.

The lead filled plastic hammer was able to seat the ring gear.

81 ft/lb and red loctite.

Carrier bearings are pressed on.


This end is now complete.

This pinion nut does not appear to have ever been off before....looks like the oem square dent in the nut.

That means this is probably the original seal. Now to press the pinion out....

patented seal removal tool

Old race tapped out and now putting in the new one.

Looks good.
Not shown but do the same for the small outer race....tap the old one out and replace with a new one.

New bearing and solid collar to be installed next.

OTC-1130 bearing separator allows easy removal of the original inner pinion bearing.

Re-using the oem .051" pinion depth shim with the new KOYO bearing.

Pressing the bearing on.

Solid collar will also be installed at the same time.

It took 6 times to finally get the perfect shimpack with the collar....

....but now it's ready for the seal.

Flange surface is in excellent shape.

All together on this end and with the pinion nut extra tight I was measuring 11 in/lb for pinion preload.

I save the drilling of the hole til the last possible moment.... X marks the spot.

.453" drill bit right here feels right.


Hole is drilled and now the Harrop is mounted in place. 70 ft/lb for the 4 bearing cap bolts.

Adjuster wheels are tightened until the minimum backlash checks in at .006" or more.
Also, there needs to be a good amount of carrier bearing pre-load at the same time.

The bearings have to be "settled in"....equalized in tension uniformly on both sides.
A sharp rap on the 4 corners will let that happen.

Also, making sure that the "anti-rotation tabs" have about 2mm of up/down play.

The Harrop instructions say to bend the welded on tabs slightly to make the 2 mm free play happen.
I like the idea of tapping on the bolted on bracket instead ;)

Now is a good time to test the e-locker. It's non-polarized so hook it up either way to 12 volts.
A slight clunk can be heard in a quiet room. By NOT allowing the sidegears to turn and then
turning the pinion, the 3 pins will be seen to start their journey up the ramp ring.
And the locker is in lock mode.

I measured the backlash on every other tooth and recorded the values. The oem spec is .0055"~.007"

The total preload was measured at 20 in/lb start torque. That means if the pinion bearing preload is 11
then the carrier bearings must be responsible for the remaining 9.

10 solid ft/lbs (120 in/lb) on the 2 remaining lock tabs.

Goop on your favorite rtv...

...and the grommet will go in with about 1/2 the effort.

Looks good.

Final drive side check.....good.

Coast...even better.





Notes taken during this install.

Harrop is now packed up.....

....and ready to take to the Fedex Office and Print Center down the road from me.