Taco rear 456 install and a SOLID COLLAR
(25 low res pics loading)
MARCH 17 2006

The 210mm tacoma(non-trd) 3rd is a strong differential. The girdle on top keeps the carrier bearing towers from deflecting as much under severe strains.

Jeff also brought over a Precision "pinion kit".

A relatively new product for the Taco non-trd 3rds is this solid collar with shims available from Just Differentials. It's not as beefy looking as other collars but these will not crush so the purpose has been served. The crush sleeve on the left has a 'wrinkle' in it designed to crush and has a wall thickness of .083". The solid collar on the right has a smooth transitional surface and won't yield to crushing and has a wall thickness of .117".

Jeff wanted to re-use the bearings and I have no problem with that since these have only 55k miles on them. Even so, there was no CBPL to speak of. This carrier bearing shim was removed with just finger strength. When I put this back together there will be good pre-loading.

The inner pinion bearing was easily removed.

This is a very clever tool.....$400 worth of cleverness :)
Notice no pinion shim behind the pinion head. Toyota chose to put them behind the inner pinion race instead.

The used bearing is pressed on the new 456 pinion with no shim.

The flange was an overly tight fit...I had to press it on/off once to "condition it".

The pinion assembly was installed with no solid collar and the pre-load adjusted to about 5~10 in/lb. I expect to tear this down at least once more to reset pinion depth so no reason to mess with the collar shims at this time.

Wow Toyota! That was some good loctite you guys used. It took everything from my impact to get those 12 flange bolts out. That's ok...I have some fine red loctite to reassemble it with :)

With some persuasion, the new ring dropped right on.

Loctite and almost 100 ft/lbs ......

My observations about this ring gear set is very high quality. I wouldn't be surprised if these are coming from Japan.
Update: 4-11-2007 Based on similarities with gears I have on the shelf, these are MOTIVE Gear. Made in Italy. :)

Perhaps a little shallow...


complete teardown...then the inner race is tapped out to expose the factory .079" pinion washer. A .003" shim was added and the race was pressed back in.

The solid collar dropped onto the pinion nicely...but the shims supplied were too small on the ID.

I found some other shims in my stash that would work. By measuring the old crush sleeve length, I was abled to calculate the desired shim pack thickness for the new collar on the first try.

proper depth.


90 ft/lb on the girdle bolts. This girdle is designed to give extra strength by preventing the ring from deflecting as much.


No pics were shown but to get the CBPL tight I added .017" to the existing carrier shims while maintaining the .008" BL.

The Taco rubberized seal is a classy unit. These units will not work on the older 8" 3rds due to the larger ID of these seals.

How long will my extra large 50ml bottle of red loctite last? Let's find out :)