part 1- OOPS
(20 low res pics loading)
June 2 2004

As received from Josh....529 V6 US GEARS will be 
installed in this nice looking 3rd.:) 

Josh brought me all the right stuff....this master
install kit and a solid collar from Marlin crawler. 

V6 529 US GEAR 

US GEAR.....a good gear. 

Also installing a Detroit EZ Locker. 

Whoever Marlin is having do the machine
work is really doing a great job.

step 1 is to install the EZ. 

Putting a lunchbox style locker in a 4 pinion 
split style case is easy. Re-using the cross 
but ditching the 4 spiders.

Thought it was a little unusual that the driver 
couplers would not fit inside the case without 
some clearancing. So I had a class A machinist 
remove the access with a lathe.

He happens to be my dad also. Opened up the 
radius about .080" in one spot inside. 

Now assemble the locker. 

Torque the 8 bolts down......45 ft/lb each. 

Installed the ring gear and tapped the carrier
bearings on.....they went on tight. A press 
could have been used but just showing that 
there are options sometimes. 

Just comparing a V6 529 pinion with a so-called
4 cylinder 529 pinion of the same make. The V6 
one has a built-in step washer at the top as 
well as a little bit more tooth but that's about it. 

Now the V6 bearing on the left definitely
has some meat.

It took 3 tries to get the pinion pre-load 
just right....It was a good idea to use the 
press to ease the very tight fitting pinion
 shaft off the front pinion bearing.

I checked it with the TW-1 torque wrench
and had 12 in/lbs.....I ended up using .028"
worth of shims with Marlin's specific solid collar. 

OOPS....(not you David) no fit. 

It turns out the pinion is offset about .275"....
this V6 3rd was from some other application. 
Did I say that Josh brought me ALL the right
stuff? Go to part 2.....

EDIT: Just figured it out that this carrier
is for a V6 factory 4.88 and only the factory 
488 gears are said to fit in these unique 3rds I have been enlightened.