Cryo-treated factory used 410 gears for Josh
(15 640x480 low res pics loading)
August 1 2005
As received from Josh....used factory V6 410 gears that had just been cryo'd.

No wonder his old 410 gears busted near the tips....the carrier bearings were so loose that I could see and measure 10 thou of slop in the direction of my fingers. Not even Krytonite gears would last very long that way.

No press needed to remove this bearing....just used my fingers. Upon re-assembly, I will use the sleeve lock compound and the issue will go away.

With the carrier bearings being so loose(pinion bearings also) I expected them to be buzzed up somewhat but they appeared ok to re-use. No obvious wear.

When it came time to set the shim thickness for the solid collar, I had to reduce the shim all the way down to .008"....usually I have a pack of about 28 thou so this meant some wear was present. A new bearing kit would be preferred but it's not in Josh's budget so these will fly just fine :) Pinion pre-load was set to a light 5 in/lb.

...making sure the bearings are "snug".....

drive side .077" shim kinda light but it's way on the heel. Too shallow.

coast side confirms the shallowness.

Drive side .083" still shallow.

coast confirms that.

Drive side .090".........depth is about right for a used gear set.


After tightening the carrier bearings to the order of 120 ft/lbs, it is just a matter of tapping on a new seal...

I used the blue stuff and 200 ft/lbs. Ding.

Keep some gear oil in it Josh and I don't think you will bust these gears ;) Done! ZUK