V6 488 gear install with Lockright
(22 low res pics loading)
FEB 6 2007

Josh is from Las Vegas, Nevada and was getting a rhythmic thud-thud-thud while de-accelerating only. Josh pulls the 3rd, sees the damage, and sends it my way. A call to PORC had a PRECISION 488 gear accompanied by a model 1620 Lockrite on its way to me.

The new gears came inside a real PRECISION yellow box...even had PG molded into the styrofoam in this picture but the symbol on the ring gear gave it away as US GEAR. US GEAR is also a very good gear.

8 springs,2 couplers, and 2 spacers makes up the V6 Lockrite.

This install will see a new master kit and solid collar.

The carrier is cleaned and the new races are pressed in.

The new pinion was installed using a .239" shim.

.050" shimming was perfect for the V6 solid collar as that resulted in 14 in/lb of pinion pre-load.

Now to split the case and install the Lockrite.


Thick grease keeps the pins in place while I flip it.


With no bolts in the case yet, the springs keep the case halves about 1/16" apart.

Before tightening the bolts, probably a good idea to visually make sure the sidegear teeth are lined up on the coupler correctly.

45 foot-pounds....

I saw some cosmetic damage to the case from the broken teeth getting caught up so I checked the ring mounting surface for run-out. I saw about 3 thou so I was ok with that.

No tapping this ring gear on with my hammer of persuasion...I had to use my light-duty press. This tool is a "must have" for the type of work I do.

Good pattern. Competition style pattern(favoring the toe).

coast is good.

I often eyeball the drive side on the pinion itself as another check.

This is my torque wrench interface....it makes it so much easier to get the target 150 ft/lb on the carrier bearings.

Putting my gut into it...