Yukon 529 "cryo and heat treated" install
(16 low res pics loading)
OCT 30 2006

Kyle is out of Missouri and is about as rough as you can be on the equipment...he's been through 7 ring and pinions in the last couple of years as a testimonial to that. Although it is interesting to note he has only a pepped up 22RE engine with an auto, it should be noted that he also has a single 4.7 transfer case reduction and 40" tires on the rocks.

Just a couple days ago, Kyle busted a Yukon cryo treated 529 gearset. The time frame for me to set up this one for Kyle was close but doable before next weeks event would start.

This is the new Yukon 529 that has been both heat-treated and chilled down to about -300F.


I loaded a .078" shim on the V6 pinion and .022" on the solid collar.

This gave me 10 in/lb for pinion pre-load using the electric impact for tightening the pinion nut. I know from previous experience that when I go to do the final tightening at the end, that my 4 foot cheater bar will compress the soft pinion shims just a little bit more giving another 5 in/lb of additional pre-load... so my real PPL will be 15 in/lb final and that is good with me knowing the way Kyle is going to use his comp truck.

The ARB had some rough spots on the flat surface and the file took care of that.

Usually my file will not bite into the ring gear very well due to the hardness factor but because these are softer, I noticed the file had more effect.

The usual red Loctite and 75 ft/lbs....

With the backlash at 7.5 thou and carrier bearing pre-load (CBPL) set high, I was able to get a very nice drive side load bearing pattern.

Coast was ok, too.

I date coded the ring gear. I set the CBPL extra high for kyle (150 ft/lbs) while maintaining the prescribed 7.5 BL. Although 150 ft/lbs on the spanner rings sounds terribly high, it is not and translates into an actual 15 inch/pounds of CARRIER BEARING pre-load which is a desired spec to shoot for.....even for a daily driver. What would really be cool is to use a set of cryo treated (without the heat treat portion) carrier bearings....the CBPL would stay high for a longer period of time. The same could be said of the pinion bearings, also.

A new pinion seal with some gear oil to prevent a dry start-up...

The pinion nut gets additional tightening power that the electric impact cannot quite deliver. I have never damaged an 8" pinion nut yet.


Because Kyle is using this in comps, I recommended for him to use a good high shock 140 weight gear oil. I told him to give it hell, too. ;) ZUK