John's 4 cylinder 3rd gets 529 and Lockright
(17 low res pics loading)
FEB 8 2005

John Genslinger from the Chicago area delivered his 3rd to a "highly recommended gear installer" in his local area. Apparently, the gear guy had a host of personal problems in his life right then so, after 3 months, John picked up his 3rd which was now in basket-case form. Everything was 100% dis-assembled in a bucket. John then decides to bag and box it all up and send it my way.

I carefully organized everything on my table and much to my surprise, nothing is missing right down to the lockwashers.

All the insides were cleaned with starting fluid and the new races were pressed in.

The carrier bearings easily came off with the right puller.

This was a first for me...I banged on that punch for about 20 minutes....

...before it busted in two. The dowel pin that secures the drive pin would not budge. I ended up tossing the case in the garbage and using a spare I had.

I partially assembled the locker in the new case and it was in spec with the feeler gauges. I was looking for a measurement in the window of 6 to 16 thou and all was good. In the above pic, the Richmond double diamond logo can be seen as they had bought Lockrite last year.

Install the drive pin...

The new Craftsman punch was a pleasure to use. If it breaks, it's covered.

Many Toyota cases have an issue with loose fitting carrier bearings. This could lead to spun bearings but a few drops of this sleeve retainer compound will end the worries.

I run a file on both the ring gear and the case surface...just want to make sure no burrs are sticking up. This might help reduce some of the run-out.

I did a run-out check. All was ok.

The bearing was pressed on with a 17 and 77 thou shim...

Being that it was a basketcase and the bearing caps were not marked, I had to determine which side was which. It can make a difference.

Nice pattern on the drive side. By the way, all of my patterns are using the "rag on flange and wrench on ring gear" method. I just run the wrench back and forth 2 or 3 times with some drag on the pinion and I get well defined patterns all the time. No thinning of the paint or any of the hype that might be read elsewhere on the WWW.

Excellent coast side...

Ready to go back to John....ZUK out. :)