Front 529 PRECISION and EZ Locker
(18 low res pics loading)
MARCH 25 2007

Mudrunner88 sent all the stuff for the front install also. The master kit...the solid collar...the Precision 529 gears and an EZ locker in a useable case.

The EZ Locker will be taken out and inspected. The case has the scuff marks due to a loose pinion. The crush sleeve is the usual culprit behind that. The scuff damage is cosmetic only.

All looks good.

The teeth on the couplers look new.

There are 2 measurements that probably are rarely checked....



The case is trashed out....that's ok since we are replacing everything inside anyways.

New pinion races are tapped in.

edit---Best to stay away from all punches/chisels... use an old race to evenly "pat down" the new race. Using a punch could result in "oscillating" pinion preload measurements with the torque wrench. 1-8-2011 ZUK

This only takes a few seconds but it's a good idea to run a file over both ring surfaces to verify no burrs.

Run-out was only .0015" so all is good here.

A 080 shim is pressed behind the bearing...the solid collar has a 056 shim and the whole assembly is loaded into the carrier.

The ring gear is loaded up...loctited and set to 75 ft/lbs.

Good. Perhaps 1 or 2 thou deep and this can be desirable for strength. Running a touch deep means the load bearing is deeper into the ring tooth....that means the pinion tooth is contacting closer to the face edge... but since the pinion tooth is stronger than the smaller ring tooth all is good.

Good. All of my installs are either dead on or slightly deep. It's best to not be shallow.

If the carriers come to me reasonably clean then I apply an adhesion undercoating followed by Krylon Gloss Black.

These shipping containers are made by Rubbermaid and are a great way to ship 3rds to and from my shop. These are the 8 gallon version.

Pack alot of newspaer around the corners and back to MA! :)