PRECISION 529 in a V6 3rd
(31 low res pics loading)
MAY 23 2007

Ray lives about 200 miles to the north of me up in Flagstaff so he made the trip down to Chandler and dropped off a beat up V6 3rd. The plan is to install a new PRECISION 529 with master kit and solid collar.

Some cosmetic damage from the pinion running way too loose. :)


This is the lowest quality gear out there....Genuine gear. Here are the markings to help identify them. Notice the sloppy mis-aligned alpha-numeric stampings. Sometimes it will be 5 digits.



I carefully removed one of the bearing caps and the adjuster was mis-aligned in the threaded slots. This is not good for the carrier bearing as it might shift some.

This is the side that was cross-threaded in the grooves. Damage to the spanner threads on this one was minimal this time.

This one takes the prize....I've never seen a pinion bearing this mangled :) Where are the rollers?

The bearing was partially welded to the flange....the flange is in the garbage.

The Genuine pinion had a shim of .244" and that's about right.

The EZ locker inside this V6 case will require an inspection...

All looked broken pins and the rectangular clutch teeth were all in great shape.

Pins and springs in good shape.

Both the ring and the case surface get the flat file to check for burrs.

Using the dial indicator with magnetic base, I checked run-out and it was less than .002 which is good.

The new V6 master kit...

Shown here is the Precision gear and the solid collar from

The ring gear went on tight....the press and a couple pieces of wood made it easy.

The master kit from PORC has the high quality 10.9 grade ring gear bolts. The master kits from also have these bolts. The bolts all saw 75 ft/lbs and red loctite as usual.

Markings found on the Precision gears...the old Precision gears that I remember had the "PG" emblem on them. Although these do set up nice, I still prefer the old 'original' version as my all-time favorite.

Somewhat deep.


To change to a thinner shim, a complete breakdown is needed.

Much better and only 3 thou less than before.



Final pinion pre-load ended up at 10 inch/pounds. It's nice to have the right torque wrench and it was only $36.

The new nut has red loctite and about 200 ft/pounds.

I like to engrave the ring gear with critical info.