Russell's saggy 1986 4Runner gets the 12 inch coils
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JUNE 21 2008

Russell's Runner has the usual Runner sag. It's his daily driver and sometimes is called upon to pull a 4X8 utility trailer loaded with firewood or soil.

Before the lift, Russell measured 9 7/8" from the fender to wheel lip.

I made the mounts up...this lift/payload system is very effective.

Russell's friend, Jason, hacks away with the cordless to remove the steel bump-stops.

Russell helps out with the 30 year old Craftsman.

A grinder cleans up the rough corners and removes the paint for the MIG welding to come.

Much better.

hmmm...should I just run a 1 inch bead on each end or....

It's on there.


With both mounts in place like that, slipping the coil in could be a challenge....but this deluxe spring compressor takes the work out of it.

One in and one to go.

A shot of the old Craftsman and the items removed.

Here's the "BEFORE" shot again....notice the wheelwell area.

"AFTER" shot...Russ now measures 12 3/8" from fender to wheel lip for a net lift of 2.5".

This took 2 hours to install. Russ emailed me back and to quote him........."The ride is definitely softer, HUGE improvement! Thanks again for the solution! I'll be in touch, Russell"