87 Runner gets the coils
(15 low res pics loading)
SEPT 23 2007

Joe has had his 87 Runner since it was brand new in 87. For at least the last 10 years the factory rear leafs have been sagged down onto the overload leaf. The ride gets very rough when that happens.

This side profile shows the sag effect. The design of the front/rear fender openings doesn't help things out either.

The leaf packs are firmly resting against the overload.

I'm using my sawzall to easily remove the "frame stoppers".

It's best to remove the shackles to get the leafpacks to drop far enough for the coil install.

...same goes for the lower mounts of the shocks.

I have a floor jack under the hitch...

...and one under the diff.

I have a "safety" under the frame just in case.

Now I lower the floor jack under the diff until I can get the coils to slip in. The gap between the shackle bushings is about 12 inches and that's how much things had to drop before the coils dropped in.... kinda makes me think that the coil retainer bolts are not really needed but we put them in anyways.

The lift was too much with the 14 inch coils....so it's an easy matter to put the 12 inches in.

This is with the 14 inchers....the lift is about 4 inches overall. The overloads have a large gap here.

Joe and I quickly swapped in the 12 inch coils and that gave us a nice 3 inch lift which gets the big thumbs up.

Driver's side...with the leafs off the overload the ride should be cushy cushy :)

Passenger side....looks good. Waiting for a report now from Joe so that I can copy/paste it into this paragraph....but I'm 97% sure I know what his answer will be ;)

UPDATE....email Joe sent me the following day Sept 24 2007.....
I did forget that bolt, got it tightned now, I just replied to the post you did on 4X4wire, it rides AWESOME! It's like a new runner again, I will crank the fronts next weekend and get it aligned and it's done. When I hit the speedbumps and dips there is no more bottoming out. Also no squeaks or clunks, the mounts are perfect. I have already gotten some comments at my condo complex, all positive.
By the way, no more trans oil leak too!!!!!!!!
Thanks Ken, it was worth every penny

1 week later, I ask for an update.....
No leaks!!! And the springs work like a charm. No appreciable settling at all, I have to crank the front bars to even the truck out but it rides like a dream. No bottoming out and no squeaks. I wish I would have done this years ago.

2 years from the install date and Joe reports back to me again.....date Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 9:26 PM
Hey ZUK,
Yeah I still have it and they are working great!! They settled a bit but it came out perfect. Put on some 32x11.5x15 BFG AT's and it's great.
Plus it rides nicer with the coils. I carry a bunch of samples in the back and it works great.
Thanks, Joe.