Lockrite and Motive 488 in a 4 cyl 3rd
(42 low res pics loading)
JUNE 2 2007

Scott, from Charlotte North Carolina, has an '86 Runner that has been making some growling noises out of the rear 3rd. He figured now's a good time to do a re-gear and maybe add a locker.

Motive 488 gear. My gear of choice(I also like Precision).

Master install kit.

The Lockrite locker will go into the open case.

Extra springs were included.

Lockrites go in very easy....knock the pin out.

Both thrust washers measured .067" so it's ok to mix them up from side to side.

The locker went in so quick there was no time to get a pic of it :) I'm using a pair of screwdrivers to keep the clutches apart for the spring install.

The small spring goes inside the bigger one....

I used a scribe and they went in very nicely.

I installed the power pin and the hardened dowel. Here, I give it a WAP with a prick punch to confine the dowel inside.


I measured the distance between the 2 clutches and found it to be .158" which was well within the specification of .145~.170

File the surfaces, loctite, and tighten the ring gear to 75 ft/lb.

These are the good 10.9 hardened ring bolts.

Both the inner and outer races are pressed in at the same time.

Time to add the shim to the pinion. The starter shim will be .077"

Because the shims have such a wide shoulder, that means it's a PITA to use a bearing separator if re-shimming is needed.

The solid collar is added with a shim pack of .060"...

I had to remove the pinion 5 times to get the pinion pre-load at the target 12 inch/pounds with a final shim value of .050". This is more trouble than if I were to use a simple crush sleeve but this leads to a better quality gear install.

First pattern check looks shallow.


The pinion is looking DEEP which means the ring gear is SHALLOW.

The new race is pressed in the carrier so this old race will suffice in removing the inner pinion bearing.

The Randys Ring and Pinion puller actually pulls from the cage. Amazing that it works so well.

This Harbor Freight electric impact($99) 3/4" drive generates 400 ft/lb. and makes quick work of getting the stubborn bearings off.

Off comes the undamaged bearing...

I added 5 more thou and this is what I get....Bingo.


150 ft/lb of carrier bearing pre-load...

75 ft/lb for the bearing caps.

Loctite and 10 foot/pounds on these little guys.

New seal is in and the rubber lip is lubricated. Check inside the hole to verify that the super fine spring did not pop out from behind the seal lip.

The original pinion flange looked rough so I used a new one.

Red Loctite and a 4 foot bar will keep this flange tight ;)

I support the bottom of the nut before dimpling it to prevent any outer race damage.

I typically date code the ring gear and might add specs to it.

I am almost ready to send the 3rd back to Scott in one of these nifty 10 gallon totes. I purchased these from Walmart for $3.46 each....an amazing deal and perfect for sending 3rds in.

But, first, to spray paint the 3rd...

One adhesion undercoat and a coat of Krylon gloss black.

I cut up larger boxes and have about 6 plys on the base floor....

Put the 3rd in and line the sides with about 3 ply...pack some on top and it's ready to go :)