Hawaiian 2005 Sequoia gets new 8.4" Motive 410 gears
(57 BIG pics loading....give it some load time)
FEB 17 2016

Simeon's very nice '05 Sequoia.

As received from Simeon from the Island of Kahului (just NW of the Big Island). USPS has a
weight limit of 70 pounds and by partially breaking it up and sending 2 lighter boxes
then the 70 pound limit is no longer an issue. It still costed Simeon a good amount
to send it to me this way....$98 for the one and $96 for the other.

I received this initial text from Simeon explaining the situation he had......

"Hello ken, my name is Simeon. I have a 05 Sequoia 8.4 third member. I bought
an eaton true track lsd, new ring&pinion, master rebuild kit. I took it to
the only guy on the island of Maui Hi who would have an idea on how to
set pbl/cbpl and he can't get it. I even called Toyota dealer and they
refused. If you would be able to help me I would truly appreciate it...We
re-used the old pinion shim. 2 big carrier bearing shims, same gear ratio
4.11....I would feel more comfortable if I was to ship it to you have it
looked over and whatever needs to be rebought, shipping, and the labor.
This is going to be the 3rd time being replaced and on 227,000.
Thanks Ken

Placed on the fixture. Yellow paint was already there. Shows too deep also.

Carrier bearing washer plates are tapped in place. Backlash was close to zero or .001" anyways.

Drive side. I used my own yellow marking paint and came up with the same results.

Coast side. Terribly deep.

Now to tear it down all the way....Brace is off and pull the Truetrac assembly out.

Pinion nut is zipped off and the heavy pinion flange is removed.

Pressing the pinion assembly out...

Factory crush is removed with the two .031" factory shims that they slide up against the crush.

Seal to be destroyed and removed.

And replaced later with an oem factory seal.


This pinion washer plate resides behind the inner pinion race and sets tooth depth.
Some of this damage is due to me. Some of the damage was not and was never
properly cleaned up and flapper wheeled smooth.

After extensive cleaning up with the flapper and file, I noted .080" evenly all the way around the plate.
I'm wondering if this will fix the deep paint condition. Those dents and burrs could have contributed
about .010" of extra pinion depth.

The surface is double checked for dings and burrs that would effect the washer plate thickness.

2 notches are ground out in the event the plate needs to be removed and allows for a damage free removal.

New race is tapped in evenly using a bubble reference to make sure it stays true.



Race is fully in.

New crush sleeve length is noted....length is 2.335"

...and is compared with the old crush in conjunction with the 2 shims. Length is 2.325.
Looks like I can use the new one without the shims and still have some crush going on.

Putting the pinion in the diff carrier.

No crush is in there at this point....just a paint test checking depth. Tighten til about
10 in/lb of preload is felt.

Reset the backlash til .008" is measured with mild carrier bearing preloading.

Looks about as deep as before....maybe slightly better but this is a case where the .080 washer
plate is simply too thick for these Motive gears.


Teardown again.

Found a plate that is about 5 thou thinner.

Put it all back together and the new paint says still too deep.


Skipping the pictures and did another teardown and removed another .005" and this is much better.
Still has a slight deep look but this is what I shoot for.

Nice coast.

Beautiful drive on the pinion....see the comet tail on the right end of the paint is right in the middle.

12 new Genuine Toyota ring gear bolts....almost $5 per bolt. Only took 2 days for the dealership to locate 12.

Half of the original bolt heads were rounded off by somebody in Hawaii with an air impact and a broken arm.

2 of them were on pretty tight due to that air impact and the heads were rounded off to complicate things....
but no prob with a dulled chisel and a hammer.


Per the factory manual....92 ft/lb on the 12 new flanged bolts.

Last time pressing the pinion out. Now the new crush goes in.


There was no splash guard plate so the new oem seal gets tapped on.

The factory flange has some corrosion damage....probably has something to do with that ocean salt nearby.

closer look.

Sanded with some 600 grit sandpaper with wd40 on it to help. Still not perfect but this should suffice.
By the way, I looked up the toyota dealer price on this new flange on www.toyodiy.com.....$371.37
That website is a very useful site for finding part numbers, prices, with pictorials.

Crushed the pinion nut almost 1/4 turn before I noted 10 in/lb of PPL.

Put it together and was now fine tuning the backlash.....I re-painted and I like it.


Final checking BL on about every 4th tooth and noticed a very consistent .005" to .006" value.

What I see when I take my readers off.

These normally get tightened down to 83 ft/lb right here but because I'm sending this to Hawaii and
leaving this brace on means the package will be over 70 pounds and USPS will not accept it.

So, by removing the brace/washers/races means I can meet the 70 pound limit and send those other light
items in a flat rate box for $13.

69 pounds 9 ounces.

Simeon can put these pieces back in. I have instructed him to use a brass hammer to tap the washer
plates in. The anti-seize will help there. He has a torque wrench to get the 83 ft/lb on the 4 bolts.

"side 1" gets the race and washer plate with "1" on them.


Fedex ground is about $290 and doing it this way with USPS "priority mail 3 day" is 138 for the heavy one
and 13 for the "flat rate box". 151 total for a 3 day travel time....not bad at all.