529 rear install over-view
(7 low res pics loading)
FEB 16 2005

The rear install is very similar to the 
front so just the highlight pics are being 
shown. This one already had a Detroit 
"hardLocker" in it and just needed 529 gears.

The ring gear is loctited in to 70 ft/lbs 
and I also used some sleeve locking compound 
on the used carrier bearings. That way, they
would never cause spun damage anytime in the future.

Being used pinion bearings, I selected .105"
(a thicker than average shim) for the pinion 
shim just like the front install.

That's one of those factory solid collars. 
I ended up using .056" for the pinion pre-load 
shim to get the desired 6 in/lbs of resistance.

Looks like the .105 worked 
very well again. Drive side.

coast side .105