Sterling's front gears
US GEAR brand 5.29 in an 8"
August 2, 2002
(11 low res pics loading)

Just unpacked the two 5 gallon buckets that contained Sterlings'
gear sets....I will do the front first.

5.29 ring and pinions from Randys...Yukon gear.

Electric impacts are so least this Makita model 6905H is.
Here, I'm removing the old ring gear.

...pressing the new bearing and shims on...having worked with
numerous sets of Yukons I chose an even .100" for my first try.

Removing the old carrier bearings.....

Locktite....and 70 ft/lbs of torque.

Hit the pattern on the first try. We will use it.

Here's the coast side....being this 3rd will be used in the front
this is the working side going forward. Good pattern.

The pinion itself had such a clear pattern.....I took a snapshot
of it to show a nice centered long contact pattern.

Not seen is the 3 foot extension bar used to 'yield' this crush
sleeve. A note about crush sleeves.....OK to use them in the front
but the pros will reserve a solid collar for the rear end where
all the real torque/strain and heat happen.

One front 3rd member ready to ship back to Sterling. Not mentioned
were the little things to make it a better job. Like using grease
on the pinion seal to prevent dry start up. Even using Ultra-Blue
RTV on the seal's outside metal surface to keep the gear oil in.
Use of Locktite on the ring gear and the bearing caps...both
torqued to 70 ft/lbs. Making sure the carrier bearings adjusters
are set tight and verifying 6 or 7 thousands backlash.

Sterling's rear gear install