80 series Landcruiser aftermarket bearing kits and why they might SUCK mongoose
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OCT 7 2021

OK...I had too much wine so can't really work on this link too hard.....I will expand on this with pictures and explanations sometime in the future.
Long story short, not all bearings are created equal. Indeed, it has costed me a couple thousand in customer satifaction
.....I do not use inner bearing 30308JR and outer bearing 30306JR anymore because, after about 1 year, pinion slop will result and require a rebuild again.
The correct bearing to use for the outer bearing is factory part # 90366-30038 and the inner bearing part number 90366-40059. Yes, genuine factory
part numbers rule especially in the case of the 80 series Landcruisers. This is a trip to the dealership thing. It all has to do
with the angle of the dangle of the tapered rollers inside the bearing cages.....the aftermarket ones are near vertical and they don't hold up.

Ken 10-7-21

PS---- SOR.com is the only one that I am aware of that actually supplies the correct pinion bearings (both inner and outer) that have the correct taper
for the rollers with the correct stamped number on the bearings themselves (outer bearing 30306DJR-1 and inner bearing 30308DJ or ST4090-N).

I send out to Japan for my Landcruiser 80 series bearings. I am also a firm believer in REM or shot peening of the aftermarket ring/pinions.
That's a whole nother link.