488 Yukon gear install
(20 low res pics loading)
FEB 5 2007

Tony is from the Phoenix area and owns a 1985 Toyota pickup with 4:88 gears and a Detriot locker in the rear. He was leaving work one day and had just turned onto the road when he felt/sounded like it popped and then started hearing a noise that, after a few miles, got noticably loader. The noise sounded like touching the blades of a plastic fan and it slowed down when the truck slowed down. So he brings the 3rd over to my place and the 3 teeth missing off of the pinion is probably where the noise was coming from.

Those of you that have reviewed some of my other links know what this characteristic 4 digit code means... that this is a Genuine gear...lowest quality gear out there.



These marks might have more to do with the chipped teeth...


There was no CBPL...removing the case to get to the pinion.

Interesting breaks on the long pinion teeth.

The shim on the Genuine was .079"....that sounds about the right value.

Removing the old ring gear...loctite was used on the threads. Good.

The new 488 Yukon gets the same treatment.

I thought I'd try 084 for the first pinion shim value.

I upgraded it to a solid collar...took me 3 tries to get it right. Using a .052" collar shim resulted in 8 in/lb of pinion pre-load.

Set the BL to .006" and it's ready for its first paint.

drive side...084...quite shallow.

084 coast

drive...092...maybe 1 or 2 thou deep...this is good.

coast 092

I prefer to use the OEM Toyota seals.

Done! :)