My Prescott Diary
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June 21 2022

June 21.... This is my Chandler, AZ base of operations presently.....
Been considering a move to the Prescott area.....
An area just north of Williamson.
Almost for certain that there will be no mail-in 3rds for 2023 and on.
It will continue to be "locals only".....those that can shuttle their diffs to and from.

June 25....ZUK's house (mine) will be for sale after some work is completed.
309.9K for this home at 114 W Ivanhoe Place, Chandler AZ 85225
Not on yet.
House is being "streamlined" for presentation to more normal people.

July 10....To be listed in a couple weeks
I never realized all the crap that has been collected over the last 25 years here.
...the redundancy of accumulating 5 old floor jacks
....all the clothes and jackets
GoodWill is making a killing right now.

August 7....An investor is in the process of purchasing the place. Moving day with the uhaul truck
is Aug 16th..... I should be up in Prescott that same afternoon. :)

August 24....What a phenomenal place....I am in Prescott at my sister's place now
and setting up the gear install workbench. Moving into a 10x12 Tuff Shed for now....
Later on, the operation may move to the 30x30 garage on the back of the property.

SEPT 13....The temporary Tuff Shed for gear installs is working out nicely.....set up
a few diffs already. I have had a Phoenix guy drop off his 2002 100 series diffs
and he is 2 hours away from Prescott. Another guy was on his way from Yuma AZ
to Alabama and dropped of his 2010 70 series rear diff while passing thru the state.
The above picture is the 30 x 30 foot garage #2 that will be the new gear installs
home base next year probably.

Sept 15....The Chandler house would have sold on basically the same day as listed back on August
but a 25 year old issue with the title has delayed that 1 month and it looks like in the
next 6 days or so that the investor will be in possession of the corrected title and I will have a healthier
checking is good. :)

Life is truly good. The future looks like all local installs....even in 2023 it will be local.

Jan 17, 2023....Been living up in Prescott now for about 3 1/2 months and love it here.
Being January right now, I see some snow for a taste of winter and the
summers are very mild compared to Chandler down in the Valley.

March 25, 2024....Winter #2 and this place is heaven. The shop has moved
again from the 10x12 Tuffshed to the 30x30 Tuffshed. Insulation
in the walls.... insulation in the ceiling....and insulation in
the double garage door.