Used gears and stuff
(15 640x480 pics loading)

Received a Toyota 3rd member from Shawn....looked like hell.
Doing a pre-check....had way too much backlash (.015").
This is a Richmond 5.29 gear.

The pinion must have loosened up at some point to do
this (mostly cosmetic).

This is the drive side....I suspect this pattern is WAY off.

Here's the coast side.

...and the yoke has seen a skilled drill master.

I painted a pattern to confirm my suspicions.
This is the drive side and pinion is far too shallow

This is the coast side.
This used gearset is about 10 years old.
The person that set this one up is dead now I know for fact.
A drug deal that went bad they think....

This is a totally different 3rd....not related to the one above.
These 5.29's have been in a street truck since 1987. The pinion
was loose on this one so I ditched the crush sleeve and used a
solid collar..then re-set the backlash to about .007" as indicated here.

Also has an old 'Hard-Locker' in it.

the loose pinion was run for a long time plus this set is dated
around 1988 so getting a readable pattern is challenging. This
is the drive side. Seems ok.

coast side

Not sure what brand it is.....

Set the pinion pre-load to about 10 inch/pounds.

This is a nice torque wrench for this application.

Electrics rule.....end.