Mike, located on the Cayman Islands, gets Harrop elockers front and rear for his 1997 Landcruiser
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NOV 24 2017

Mike's 97 Landcruiser....on the North shore of the Island and Landcruiser is pointing towards the USA.
Mike often camps on this shoreline. I would love to be there with a camp chair and a glass of Pinot Noir....

Harrops front and rear will stop this from happening...

Mike is going full bore and will have Harrop elockers front and rear and this write-up is about the rear elocker.
Mike's is on the left and another waiting customer's elocker somehow snuck in the right side of the above picture.
Here is a link for the front Harrop elocker install.....

The Aussie guys pack them pretty good. Strong buffering on the bottom with layers of cardboard
and circular wraps of packing paper around the case to stabilize it.

A very well machined case from Australia.

Because of where Mike lives, it was much more cost effective to go on Ebay and have a used 410 rear 3rd sent directly to me.

Parts are laid out and organized. The 3rd is secured to the fixture.

The ring/pinion is being evaluated.....Backlash is checked.

Yellow paint is brushed onto 3 teeth and spun back and forth 3 times to reveal a good pattern.
This drive side pattern is good.

The coast side is just fine. There is no damage to this ring/pinion. It can be re-used and will run perfectly quiet.

The 410 ring dropped out nicely.

The file check on both the ring and the Harrop case revealed nothing unusual.

Related parts are cleaned up and layed out.

Cola is very photogenic and sends her best to everyone on the WWW.
81 ft/lb and blue Loctite on all 12 bolts.

Koyo carrier bearings being tapped on the Harrop journals. Nice tight fit at that.

This end is now complete.


Yucky flange was removed and now pushing the pinion out.

Old seal was removed. I think that is 40 years of a baked on mud.

A new Koyo bearing will be pressed on with the original .047" pinion shim.

And new races also.

I use a bubble to get the large inner race started straight.

Making 100% sure the race is down all the way.


The smaller outer race is quick and easy.

Just bang it down with the widgets.

tap tap

Looks great. A tight fit.

The pinion assembly is now mounted into the 3rd....

The freeplay of the magnetic ring is not the full 2mm of suggested play but good enough for this paint check.

Backlash is adjusted and some preload is dialed in on the bearings. Now it's ready for paint.

As expected, it's about like it was before....this is a good used pattern.

The coast side is exceptionally nice.

Last teardown....the pinion is ready for the new crush sleeve.

Only the best for Mike....Marlin seal.


I just didn't like the looks and feel of the original pinion flange...so a new triple drilled one will be used.

A little aluminum based anti-seize on the threads....

Anti-seize on the flat side of the pinion nut.

A 3 foot cheater bar was used to crush the sleeve and numerous checks with the torque meter until 12 in/lb was noted.

The new nut is dimpled and this end is done.

The shiny Harrop is mounted...

This bearing cap goes on easy....

...this bearing cap takes a little more finesse.

Push the cap in horizontally....screw the 2 bolts down....then thread the wheel.

75 ft/lb on all 4 bolts.

Both wheel adjusters are tightened systematically.

I can feel the backlash and the bearing preload. I know when I'm close.

The dial indicator has the final say. Backlash values are recorded from every other tooth.
Not shown, but the total preload of 18 in/lb was noted from the pinion end.

The tabs have blue Loctite and 10+ ft/lb of torque.

The resistance of the coil encapsulated in the magnetic ring is measured at 4 ohms.

12 volt power is applied(no polarity so hooking it up either way is ok)and the pinion is turned....which turns the case which pushes the 3 pins inwards.
Remove the 12 volts and the pins snap out instantly.

The basic numbers are scribed onto the ring gear and date coded.

A snapshot of the notes.

Packing it up for the trip back to the Cayman Islands. This is the larger MEDIUM sized box....look closely and it is a double medium box.

Pool noodles :)

Now to head to my favorite Fedex Office Print and Ship Center.