Precision 529 and Aussie in a 4 cyl...
(35 low res pics loading)
MARCH 17 2006

Brent is local to me and brought both his rear and front IFS 3rds to me for a re-gear. Shown here is the rear 3rd and all the right stuff to do it right. At the end of this page should be a link to the front IFS 7.5" install.

The electric impact makes quick work of the teardown.

After the 3rd is cleaned up a little, new races are tapped in place.

This 4 cylinder 3rd is getting an Aussie.

Very simple and relatively easy to put together.

First, tap the pin out....this is the only direction it will come out.

The only items to be re-used from the guts is the thrust washers. Both measured .068" thick for me.

I partially assembled it and checked the clearances. I measured all 4 spots and they varied from 014 to 019 but they were still in spec.

The driver coupler would not quite slip in....

The solution is to use a rat-tail file to fle off the burrs...

Place the 4 pins in place and install the couplers.

A screwdriver is used to hold the couplers apart.

The springs are worked in place like this and then slipped over the nipple.

Now just install the power pin and tap the roll pin in place.

The surfaces I files to remove high spots.

I favor the red stuff....hi-strength applications.

75 ft/lbs.

The new carrier bearings can be pressed on or tapped on.

The pinion bearing/079 shim is pressed on with my humble 10 ton Harbor freight press.

This torque wrench can be found in a few bicycle shops. A must have tool for checking pinion pre-load. Just google "park tw-1"

My tool for tightening the carrier bearing to "acceptable levels".

Paint 3 or 4 teeth, add some pinion drag with a rag and turn the ring with a 17mm wrench back and forth twice...this method will give a very easy to read load bearing pattern.

Perhaps a few thou deep.

Coast agrees

I could use my good ole clam style bearing puller but this one works well also.

Assembly is not very time consuming. Sure is pretty...

My electric impact is a little slower when used for this application but it gets it done. The 079 shim is now replaced with a 075 shim.

The anti-sieze is a little messy and gets on everything but it prevents thread damage.

Much better.


75 ft/pounds

120 inch/pounds



Red loctite and dent the nut...done. :)

Click here for front install