1997 LX450 gets ARB RD124 with 529 Nitro Gears
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MAY 14 2008

Cody lives in Prescott Valley, AZ and has been running 410 gears with 38.7" Michelin XML tires. Time for a re-gear and 529 was the only choice with that tire. An ARB would be added with a solid collar.

Nitro Gear....I happen to know that Carl from JustDifferentials.com was personally involved in the R&D of these gears and it's their premium line.

Markings on the ring...

NG = Nitro Gear




The master kit as supplied from Nitro Gear and Axle.

Adapter carrier bearings with the 50mm inside diameter.

The 3rd is torn down....

In the process of removing the old races with a soft chisel, I left some little dents. This is leveled flat using my thumb file.

The pinion is installed without a solid collar or crush sleeve. The nut is tightened carefully until about 10 inch/pounds is measured.

Surfaces are lightly filed to check for high spots.

The ring was a tight fit onto the ARB case but the press made easy work of it.

Red Loctite and about 100 ft/lbs makes it right.

While trying to dial in the backlash, I found that the ring tooth was making contact with the carrier. This doesn't happen with all 529 gears but it did happen with this one.

The contact is "strong" and the fix is an easy one.

Using the handgrinder, remove a minimal amount of material....maybe .080" deep or so is more than enough.

2 spots on the carrier need to be clearanced like this.

Lots of clearance on this side...

180 degrees away it clears fine also.

Now that the ring gear will turn smoothly, now the backlash can be set to about .007 for a pattern check.

Beautiful pattern. Depth is exact.

The metal to metal "scuffing" that shows the same drive pattern.

Coast looks good also.


Drive side on the pinion tooth looks nice.

Coast is good. There's nothing wrong with these Nitro Gears...the quality is there.

The fitting for the ARB hose is drilled and tapped at this point.

With the pinion depth established, now the solid collar can be installed. It took me about 6 times to get the shim right for the collar.

Finally, the seal is prepped with RTV and thick red grease.

12 inch/pounds is measured for PPL.

The adjusters are carefully tightened until the CBPL reaches 150 ft/lb or even a bit more.

The seal assembly is pushed in place. The clip is snapped in place.

Verify that the tab does not contact or push down on the seal assembly. Air leaks could possibly happen if it does.

Carefully route the soft copper line with a service loop.

The fat little o-ring is lubed up and carefully pushed in.

Leak tested and all is good.

Specs are dremel drilled on the ring...

These are the notes I took....here, it took me 6 times to get the PPL right.

The backlash was checked on every other tooth (about 19 places).

Done....Check out the link below for the front gear install. ZUK

FRONT LX450 8" reverse cut install....click here