488 MOTIVE in a Hawaiian 4 cyl 3rd
(31 low res pics loading)
MAY 16 2007

Jason lives and works on one of the smaller Islands in the Hawaiian chain known as Kauai and more specifically in a region called Kalaheo. Jason told me that his friends think he's nuts for sending his 3rds all the way to the mainland when it can be done locally. I'm glad he chose me because we have had quite a few emails back and forth and I feel like I know a little something about the region and have been considering the possibility of moving to one of the smaller more 'layed back' islands. The only thing holding me back is money :)
Back to the gear install. Everything is being done right...a quality 488 Motive gear...master install kit...and a solid collar.

The gears are well protected for the trip from India.

I like to run the file over both surfaces before I mount up the ring gear.

As usual, red Loctite and 75 ft/lbs. Blue medium strength Loctite would be ok also.

The starter shim will be 079.

The new pinion races are pressed in with the ole Harbor Freight press.

After a couple of different shim values, 052 resulted in about 15 in/lb of pinion drag which is on the high end of the spec.

I established some carrier bearing pre-load (CBPL) and set the backlash in the ballpark for a pattern check.

Drive side is heavy on the toe (competition pattern)and proper depth appears close.

Coast side is heavy on the heel end.....I'd like to see if I reduce the thickness of the pinion shim if I can pull the pattern closer to center.

Shims are lined up and organized....going to re-shim to 076 and see what happens.

Drive is drifting a little closer to center and still appears to have a proper depth value.

Coast is spreading a little.

I'm going to re-shim again for even less depth to 073 but a clamshell style puller will not work here because the shims are in the way.

...but this puller is perfect for that situation.

This puller actually pulls on the metal cage. An old race must be used though otherwise it won't work.


Even my modest 220 ft/lb rated electric impact has enough gumph to rattle the bearing off.

073 is definately looking shallow...

Coast is looking shallow and it's still on the heel end. This minor mis-alignment could be the way the gear was cut at the factory....or even due to the carrier itself.

After comparing all 3 shim values I feel very comfortable using 078 or 079....now is the time for the anti-seize compound. This allows the threads to turn easier and I can get the proper CBPL.

By using a spanner tool with some leverage and some hammer taps, proper CBPL is not a problem. Backlash was set to .008".

I verified 150 ft/lbs.

One more check and the patterns look good.


The new seal was carefully tapped in place and a new Marlin pinion flange installed.

The pinion nut was red loctited and dinged as usual.


This is going to Hawaii so I was figuring on making these 4 boxes work by cutting them in half and sliding then into each other.

Then I changed my mind and did a burrito wrap. This makes it almost impossible for the carrier to bash thru the side of the cardboard boxes.

Ready for the trip back to Kalaheo. :)

Click here for front IFS install