Informative "how to" links

REM....A Super Polishing Process.....How important is it?
How to remove the E-Locker motor assembly for shipping reasons
Removing the front IFS 3rd(86~95 models)
Tools needed to do your own Toyota gear install
How to install an Aussie by yourself
How to install a Lockrite into an 8" V6 3rd
How to freshen up the carrier bearing pre-load
Refresh those carrier bearings and double the strength
Yukon "How to install gears" document
KAZUMA LSD manual (17 pages)
Supra LSD section from Cygnus X1 on-line
Hypoid related links

6.7" 3rds

6.7" IRS diff from Charlie's Camry Alltrac gets a bearing rebuild
Brent's Toyota Drift Car Gets New 5.13 Gears In The 6.7" Differential

7.5" 3rd 80~95

REM processed NITRO 4.10 Gears for Dave's Lemons car
Mike's 2wd pickup with 7.5" rear diff gets a SUPRA MKII LSD and new bearings.
Nick's 87 Toyota pickup gets a front Truetrac 911A644 and Nitro 529 Gears
Steve from Toronto Canada gets 3.73 gears installed with a FLIPPED Truetrac
Kelly's 92 2wd pickup gets G2 456 gears and a 911A644 Flipped TrueTrac
Bill's 1989 2wd Pickup Gets a Spartan from ECGS and New Bearings
Flipping Truetrac Gears and New 4.56 Nitros for a Rear 7.5" Gear Install
SUPRA LSD 7.5" rebuild for a 1983 V8 Corolla Drift Car
Supra 7.5" LSD Rebuild for a 1986 Corolla Project
7.5" Celica Supra 3rd with factory LSD gets a clutch re-build/new bearings/solid collar
Check-up for a 1994 IFS front carrier
IFS 7.5" front gets 529 US GEARS
IFS front gets 529 Yukon gears
571 Motive gear install in IFS 7.5"

8" 4cyl 3rds

Torsen LSD for Carol's 1990 Pickup
Josh gets 571 G2 Gears for his truck
1993 SAS'd pick-up gets a front Spartan and a much needed check-up
Jason From The Island of Kauai Gets Nitro 4.88 Gears
KillBill's 1985 4Runner gets 488 Standard Gear/Detroit Locker
Thane's "4 cyl diff" gets 529 V6 Nitros/V6 carrier/V6 Spartan Locker
Genuine Gears went KABOOM, John upgrades to 29 spline Nitro Gear Install
529 Nitro Gear Install with a 4 cyl spool
New bearings and solid collar for Josh's 1994 Toyota truck
Check-up of Scott's 4 cyl 3rd with Aussie
Elmo gets a Motive 529
Truetracs/456 gears in Brian's 1985 4Runner
Started getting a whistle and it's getting louder
Brian's 4Runner gets a Motive 571 rear gearset
Michael gets Precision 488s and a 4 cyl Aussie
My gears scream at me when I let off the gas!?!
Lockrite and Motive 488 in a 4 cyl 3rd
Cryo treated Yukon 529 install/4 cyl 3rd
Aussie and Precision 529 in a 4 cyl 3rd.
Rockhound's own 529 gear repair
Motive 529 gears and a rear Trutrac in a 4 cyl 3rd
488 Yukon install in an 85 truck
RD01 ARB install and 529 gears
Making a V6 spool fit into a "4 cyl 3rd"
EMERGENCY 571 repair
Replacing noisy pinion bearings in a 1992 8" 3rd
Autopsy and Yukon 488 install
Aussie Locker and 529 gears
PRECISION 571 gears front and rear
Hawaiian 488 Yukon install
A good strong 571 8" install
DSL and 529 Yukons in a 4 cyl 3rd
Quik-Lok check and a refresh
Basketcase gets 529 gears
ARB install in a front 8" 3rd
Rebuilt 3rd gets 488 Yukon gears
Jeff gets 488 Yukons/solid collar
"4 cyl 3rd" gets Yukon 529 and Aussie Locker
Cryo-treated Precision 571 gear install
Aussie install into a re-freshed stock 3rd
"My new gears HUM after Kittery Point shop installs them"
Zack gets 529 gears and a Detroit "HardLocker"
529 PRECISION gears/Detroit in a V6 chunk
Chunk #1 529 pro-build (open)
Cost cutting 529 install
571 US GEAR install into 8" 3rd
Bob's 488 early '4 cyl' gear install and Aussie
Flexor's front 571 US GEAR install
Justin 529 Yukon/spool install
571 US GEAR install
Kyron's spool/529 gear install
Chris's 529 US GEAR install
Colby's 488 US GEAR install
Toyota V6 gears/Aussie/4 cyl 3rd
Sterling's 529 gear install

8" V6 related 3rds

Carlos Upgrades his 98 4Runner with a Rear Harrop and 488 Nitro Gears
Jon from Montana gets 529 Ninja Gears and a Harrop A9334 elocker
Josh's '17 Tacoma 2WD TRD Sport Gets Nitro 529 V6 8" gears and a 913A610 Truetrac
Derek's 07 FJ Cruiser gets cryo treated Nitro 4.88 gears (was 3.73)
Nick's 1995 4Runner with factory 488 gears gets a rear 913A610 Truetrac
Harrop Elockers And Cryo Treated 4.56 Nitro Gears For Both Ends of Paul's '05 Lexus GX470
Harrop Install for Matt's Stock 2004 Lexas GX470
Jason's 2006 4runner has a noisy rear diff
Jordan's 1999 4Runner gets Upgraded with a Truetrac 913A610
Jacob's 01 4Runner has a very loud whine from the rear 8" diff with ARB and Nitro 529 Gears
Harrop Electric Locker Install in 8 Inch V6 Rear 3rd 1990 Toyota Pick-up
Installing a Supra 8" LSD into a "4 cylinder" 3rd and clearancing it
Kevin's 91 Runner gets an ARB RD132 and new bearings
Josh's 1995 V6 3rd gets new bearings and a Spartan Locker
Pre-assembled V6 3rd has pinion leak and set shallow
Old style RD23 gets upgraded and 529 Nitro Gears added (cryogenics)
SUPRA LSD in Mike's 1985 400 hp Toyota truck
SUPRA LSD installed in a "4 cyl" 3rd using conversion bearings
571 "G2" gears/Truetrac for Billy's 92 V6 auto
Check-up for Scott's V6 3rd with ARB
Check-up of a V6 factory 488 3rd
1990 4Runner rear V6 3rd gets a check-up after recent gear install
SUPRA LSD into a factory V6 488 3rd
My 529 Yukon gear teeth shattered on me
My brand new gears are whining
Flexor's front 3rd gets "upgraded"
My rear V6 3rd is getting noisy!
CRYOGENICS...A serious Motive 488 V6 install
Motive 488 in a V6 3rd open
Melted pinion bearing in a V6 3rd with Genuine gears
Precision 456/TT in a V6 3rd
Sportsman V6 529 gear install
488 US GEAR V6 install/Lockrite
Kyle's Yukon 529 pro gear install (cryo'd and heat treated)
Autopsy on a V6 3rd and 488 install
ZUK-my Supra 3rd needs a health check!
Cryo-treated factory 410 used gear install
Supra LSD into an open V6 3rd
"Mayday! Mayday! Gears starting to rumble..."
4 cyl gears in a V6 3rd
Josh's 529 V6 gears in a V6 gear install
Sam's Genuine Gear install (UPDATED axle breakage info added 1-29-2007)
Supra LSD in a V6 3rd

8" E-Lockers

529 4-cylinder gears in a V6 elocker for Steve's 94 4Runner
Loose ring gear bolts on front 8" elocker (Rich's 96 FZJ80)
Joe's 2002 Tacoma gets Sierra 4.56 gears in the rear 8" elocker.
Cryogenics and 529 Nitro Gears for Andrew's 1985 4Runner(8 inch elocker)
8" E-locker from 2005 Tacoma Chunked the Ring Gear
Bearing rebuild for a 2000 Tacoma 8" e-locker
UPDATED----NEW G2 571 GEAR INSTALL----Jim's F-Toy gets Motive 571 gear installs
Help ZUK! 98 4Runner has a loud whine/growling noise
Bryan's e-locker gets G2series 529 529 "4 cyl"gears
488 Nitro Gear install 1999 Taco E-locker
488 gear install in Sacramento went loose in 20,000 miles
488 Yukon Gear Install in a 98 Runner E-Locker
E-LOCKER BROKE on 2002 Taco
1998 Tacoma E-Locker noisy on de-acceleration
1998 4Runner E-Locker makes noise on acceleration only
Canadian rear E-Locker gets cryogenic 488
Cryo Motive 488 in an E-Locker
Help! Gears sound like a washing machine on spin cycle
Richmond V6 488 into Jake's E-Locker
529 rear gears for Eric
E-Locker gets 529 Crygenic gears
Dis-assembled E-Locker gets 529 gears
Sergio's E-Locker gets Yukon 488 gears
E-Locker and "4 cyl" 488 gear install
488 gear install into an E-Locker

8.2" 2010 4Runners/FJC/GX460


8.4" Taco (T100)

Jesse's 07 Taco Gets A Rear Trutrac And New Bearings
Ivan's 2000 Tundra rear 8.4" rebuild (from the Island of Curacao)
John's 2005 Tacoma Prerunner gets a Harrop Elocker and Nitro 488 gears
Harrop elocker A13457 and Nitro 4.56 gears for Brian's 2008 Tacoma 8.4"
Harrop elocker (8.4" 3rd) and Nitro 488 gears for Jose's '04 Tundra
Sam's 2014 Tacoma gets 8.4" Nitro 4.56 Gears and a LockRight
Hawaiian 2005 Sequoia gets new 8.4" Motive 410 gears
Kazuma LSD and 4.56 Nitro Gears for Tyson's 2003 Tundra
Kazuma LSD for Eric's 2000 Tundra
Bill's 1996 T100 gets a TJM Locker and Nitro 456 gears
Two 8.4" 529 differentials...rear one busted...front needs a check-up
Kazuma and OEM 4.3 gear install in Dylan's 2003 Tundra
488 rear 8.4" gear install for Nam's 2006 Tundra
Truetrac Install into a 2002 Tacoma(non-trd)
RD129 ARB and Motive 529 gear install in a non-trd 3rd(T100)
Steve's 2006 Tundra gets a TRUETRAC
Kazuma goes into Ralph's 2002 Tacoma
Kazuma install in a Taco/T100 3rd
Kazuma and Motive 488 in a Taco/T100 3rd
ARB install in a 2001 Tundra "non-TRD" rear 3rd
A serious cryo TACO 488/ARB install for Kent
Taco Motive 456 install
Taco 3rd gets Motive 488 gears and ARB
Taco rear 456 install and a SOLID COLLAR
New improved air bearing for the non-TRD Taco ARBs
ARB in a 1996 Taco rear

8.75" 3rd gen Tacos TRD

REM Super Polished 5.29 Revolution Gears for Zander's 2020 Tacoma TRD Offroad
REM super polished 529 Nitro gears for Mike's 2021 Tacoma TRD
Harold's 2018 Tacoma TRD 8.75" rear 3rd gets Nitro 529 gears
Shaun's 2016 Tacoma with 8.75" elocker gets CRYO treated 529 Nitro Gears

front 7.5" clams 95.5~2004 Tacos

Rip upgrades his 03 Tacoma front clamshell with a 911A644 Truetrac and cryogenically treated bearings
Truetrac (911A644) for the front 7.5" clam of Jordan's 1999 4Runner
8 Inch Clam Gets 4.56 Nitro Gears(2008 Runner with V8)
Clam Regear for Matt's 2004 Tacoma with G2 488
Clam Regear plus ARB addition to Joe's 2002 Tacoma with 456 Sierra Gears

8" clams Runners 2003~

Nitro 4.56 gears and a Harrop elocker for CJ's 2015 Tacoma front 8" clam
Clam 8" gets Harrop elocker and cryo 456 Nitro thick gears on Mike's 07 4Runner
8 Inch Clam Gets 4.56 Nitro Gears(2008 Runner with V8)

front 8" IFS 3rds (100 series TLC)

Harrop A10976 E-Locker for Craig's 1999 LX470 front 8" IFS 3rd.
Juan's 2004 100 series Landcruiser gets a front Harrop and Nitro 488R gears

9" clams...newer Tundras(5.7L 2007~2016)

Justin's Front 9" clam (2008 200 series) gets the 488 Nitro Gears and ARB RD151
Chris's 2014 Tundra also sees a set of Nitro Gear 488's for the front 9" clam
Hawaiian 2008 Tundra Front 9" Clam gets 488 Nitro Gears

8" FJ80 Hi-pinion

Local NC Landcruiser install goes bad fast...."ZUK, can you dissect the install and give it a proper set up?"
Jason's 1987 SAS'd truck gets Nitro 529 gears/Harrop in a Marlin HP Diff Housing
Tony's 1984 4Runner front Hi-Pinion gets a Harrop elocker and Nitro 488R gears
MYSTERIOUSLY loose ring and carrier bolts....Jason's 1990 HDJ81 grenades the stock front 8" ring/pinion
Jorge from the Czech Republic gets a front Harrop and Nitro 488 Gears for his 1997 FZJ80 Landcruiser
Tree Stump Wins....BANG!! from Humbertos front 8" ring gear 1997 Landcruiser
Harrop Elocker/488 Nitro Gears in Andrew's '97 FZJ80(front HP8")
Jay from Edmonton, AB, Canada gets 488's, spool, new aftermarket diff housing.
Destroyed front pinion on Zachary's 94 FZJ80
Tim Has Terrible Noises After a Local Gear Install
Harrop Electric Locker Install on EricW's '94 FZJ80 Front Hi-pinion 8" 3rd
Repair of Mitch's 1997 LX450 front 488 Diff with Nitro Gear
Nitro 529 gear install for the front 8" of Jose's 1996 FZJ80
Broke My Front 529 Gears TWICE On My 1997 LX450!
Joe's Hi-pinion 8" gets a Spartan Locker
Two Hi-Pinion Gear Installs ..... ARB RD23 and 488 Nitro 29 spline gears
Nick's Hi-pinion 8" gets 529 "Circle K" gears
8" Hi-pinion gets 529 Yukon gear install and a Grizzly Locker
Front High pinion 488 Sierra Gears in an FZJ80 Cruiser
Aaron's 1996 LX450 gets Nitro 529 gears
Destroyed front pinion on a 1996 FZJ80
ARB RD01 conversion to RD23 and add 529 Nitro Gears
ARB RD132 for an FJ80 front hi-pinion and TG529 gears
POW!!! went the 529 in the Front Hi-pinion ARB 3rd
Marlin Crawler 529 high pinion gear install/Detroit Softlocker
1997 FJ80 488 front and rear E-Locker installs
529 Hi-Pinion build with EZ Locker
488 Motive gears in a brand new Hi-pinion E-Locker

9.5" Landcruiser FJ80/60/40

Roger from Hawaii gets Nitro 488 gears for his 1994 FZJ80
Harrops at both ends with Nitro 488 gears for Stu's 1997 LX450
Nitro 488 gears and an ARB RD153 for Steve's 1971 FJ40 rear 9.5" 3rd
Harrop elockers and cryo-treated Nitro 4.10 gears for Morgan's 1997 Landcruiser
Rear 9.5" Harrop elocker and 410 Nitro Gears on a custom build by Rekon 4x4 in Spicewood, Texas.
Mike, located on the Cayman Islands, gets Harrop elockers front and rear for his 1997 Landcruiser
Justin's 2008 200 series Landcruiser 9.5" rear 3rd gets Nitro 488 gears -320C treated Nitro 529 gears for Ely's 1994 FJ80
Rear Differential Carnage on George's 97 LX450
Brian's 1993 FJ80 gets 3.73 gears from (imported from Australia)
Savvas from Nicosia,Cyprus Gets a RD153 ARB for his 1979 FJ43
Harrop Rear 9.5" Install For Ralph's 2009 Landcruiser 200 Series
Harrop elockers and Sierra 488 Gears for Jeff's FJ80
Harrop Elocker Install For Tom's 1997 FZJ80 Front High Pinion 3rd
Cryogenically treated 529 Nitro Gears for Marty's 1996 LX450
Tim Has Terrible Noises After a Local Gear Install
Lisa's 1977 FJ40 Rear 3rd Gets Rebuilt (new bearings and 370 gears)
Harrop E-Locker with 456 Nitro Gear Install in Andrew's 1984 FJ60 Rear 9.5" 3rd
Tanner's 1996 Landcruiser Nitro 488 gear install and ARB RD142
Harrop e-locker for Gilbert's FJ62 9.5" front end
Harrop E-Locker/Cryogenically treated Nitro 488 Gears/Bearings for Eric Y's 1997 FJZ80 3rds
Harrop E-Locker Install for EricT's 1997 LX450 Rear 9.5" 3rd
488 Nitro Gears in Clark's 1996 FZJ80
1996 Landcruiser rear 9.5" e-locker gets a much needed check-up
Rear and front Sierra boxed 529 gear install for Ben's 1994 FZJ80
Brad's 1972 FJ40 rear 9.5" 3rd gets "newer" 410 gears and bearings/solid collar.
LX570 rear 3rd gets ARB RD152
REAR 9.5" 488 Sierra Gears in an FZJ80 cruiser
9.5" 529 Nitro Gear/ARB RD142 for Jay
9.5" ARB RD124 + 456 gear install from Alberta, Canada
Genuine "G2" 488 gear install in Kerry's 1994 FZJ80
ZUK! My LC gears whine terrible and I'm in Doha, Qatar
1994 80 series LC gets Nitro 488 gears
FJ60 9.5" gets ARB RD33/new bearings/solid collar
1997 LX450 gets ARB RD124 with 529 Nitro gears
Eric's 1997 FZJ80 Landcruiser upgrades to Precision 488 gears
ARB install in a new IFS front 1999 Land Cruiser (UZJ100)
9.5" LC E-Locker gets cryo 529 gears/bearings and a solid collar
My 1995 Landcruiser's rear 3rd has a loud whine
Landcruiser front 9.5" 3rd gets new 4.11 and Aussie
Rear 488 install in 1997 FJ80 9.5" E-Locker

9.5" 100series

Tom's 02 100series Landcruiser gets Nitro 488 gears and Eaton elockers

10.5" Tundra 5.7L 2007+

JP's 2017 Tundra Gets a Harrop A13791 with a Regear to REM and CRYO'd Nitro 529's
The very first Harrop for the 10.5" Tundra (A13791) sent to the USA to JP......
Jason's 2015 Tundra gets Nitro 529 gears and an Auburn LSD
Chris's 2014 Tundra with the BIG 10.5" ring gear gets Nitro 488 gears